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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ktarian eggs and bacon

Personal Log entry:

Stardare 05072006

Computer start recording;

Ktarian eggs, my favorites, are highly sought after as a breakfast dish. If you wonder how did I get them I could say that I have my secret supplier, but in all reality Quark can get you anything for Latinum. Today my energy levels are not that even, a little down with pain lurking around the corner.

Many years ago while travelling I got infected with some kind of virus that eats at your immune system. There is no cure, can you believe that. The actual virus does not kill you, but destroys your immune system and therefore diseases you will not normally be affected by take advantage.

It's a crazy virus it seems to cross species of humanoids without much thought. Taking about crazy and species, one of my love interestes has come back into my life. Norjahn has reappeared in my life, we met long ago and we had a very supportive friendship. We never went steady, but we were there as friends for each other. The universe is such a strange place, when you have a moment of clarity you have to grasp it, because clarity is a very rare thing to have in a lifetime.

I have an appointement with Doctor Bashir later on, he has to run some more tests this afternoon. He also needs to see if I am doing my excercises correctly. He has been friendlier than usual in the lasts visits. Sometimes people don't know how to express their interest in you.

Computer end personal log entry ; encryption Alpha Romeo Delta Ydan 4.

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