Monday, May 15, 2006

I wonder if you wonder!

This is the Promenade of Deep Space Nine. It is easy to spend time looking down and ... I wonder if you wonder. I wonder if that officer looking up at me knows what goes through my head as I am standing here. I sometimes make stories about people. Or are those stories real? For example those two to the right of the officer looking up at me. To the naked eye they are two people walking past each other, but not to me. They are secret lovers, passsing each other in their way to meet, but encountering an unexpected variable, they have to ignore each other. Maybe next time!

Or the Bajoran Vedek that just went into the shrine, whose life has been tormented by the thoughts of torture to which he was submitted to during the occupation or by the thoughts of hatred that harbor in his heart when he sees any Cardassian. Or the new Lieutenant, who got reassigned in hopes of advancing his career in Starfleet. His life is going to slow for him. So as you see, you can see everyone's life from this corner of the station without any interruptions, except the occasional com messages like ... " Lt. Zeraven Ydan please report to the Captain's ready room"; I hit my com Badge , "On my way" ,was my response. Computer, end personal log entry, encryption Alpha Bravo Ydan 2

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