Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Seven sisters of Rekhanta Province

Personal Log Stardate 05312006:

We have been classifying all these new star systems. The Midas array in which the Hubble Telescope resides, has been looking at the Bajoran Sytem classifying. Here we have seven bright stars within a two parsec area that are part of Bajor's Folklor. They are called the Seven Sisters.

I remember yaya told me that this couple had 7 daughters that they offered n the service of the prophets if they will only get a son. There are tales of these women going throuhg the land and performing miracles , healing the blind, feeding the hungry. I wish things like will happen today, maybe they do, who know?

I often wonder why people always have stories about things. It is interesting the way my yaya use to tell me stories when I was a kid. I remember when we were by the Utirise River she will say that long time ago, when she was a young girl, her cousins and her came down to the river to wash some fabric. She had forgotten something so she went back to the village for it. She can't remember to this day what she forgot, but she remembers she left them and when she returned there was a darkness like a cloud on the area where the other girls where and when it lifted the girls were gone.

Never underestimate the power of folktales. Which sisters do you think are near the Temple of the Prophets?

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Delta Romeo Ydan 11

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