Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rigelian Chocolates Please!!!

Personal Log entry:

What a treat of such rich flavor. Can you believe that I got a box of Rigelian Chocolates and what a treat they are. They are so rich and creamy and an experience that you will never forget.

A Klingon admirer, from the house of ..., well I am not letting his name escape, at least not right now. So he drops them by ops this afternoon. Of course I had to share them with Kyra Nerys, this are her favorites as well. Dax does not care much for sweets, so she did not join us for the afternoon break. Sometimes ops is so slow that we can have everyone on break without any consequences. Of course we don't do that. LOL.

It is amazing how the years go by and how we change. You know at one time I did not think that anyone could improve on Terran Chocolate, but once you have Rigelian Chocolates your definition of the perfect chocolate changes. This chocolates will definitely change your idea of pleasure and with a Raktajino yummmmy!

Tomorrow I may have to drop by the JAG office for some equipment upgrades that require a science ofice of my grade. I am really enjoying these chocolates by the prophets I have to have another before going to my quarters. Computer.

End personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4

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