Monday, May 22, 2006

Strawberries N Cherries Pot Holders May 06

As much as I like acrylic and I find it's qualities enduring, I needed to buy some cotton yarn. Discloths, Wascloths need to be made in natural fabrics. Pot Holders depends on the idea I usually make them with a blend as well for it is easier to clean them up.
Here I am getting myself motivated and inspired by Ladylinoleoum, from


Jay said...

SOME cotton yarn!? Some to me is a ball or two... Your talent for understatement is as fine as your talent for knitting beautiful dishcloths!

Cheryl:) said...

They are great!!! I just bought a pile of cotton yarn too.. I'm turning into the dishcloth queen!!! LOL!! We can all be inspired by Ladylinoleoum. Isn't her stuff great!!! (One of her alien has residence in my son's bedroom now...)

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