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We have EARS!

As you all know by now, I have been working on Dachshund Heidi. A stuffed animal created by Scott Hooper. The pattern is definitely not for the begginer crochetter, yet it can be done if enough patience is in store by a begginer.

Here we have the progress so far on Heidi. I have the Ears made during the weekend and I was able to attach the head to the body.

I am also working on Drew Emborsky's Do your Vest! pattern and should be done with the shoulder section this week. I really like the pattern it's very easy to make.

Today is Halloween, is not a holiday, but kids and some adults like this dressing up. I really enjoy the costumes, I can do away with the drinking. I will share with you a picture of mine from the past that shows me in a Halloween custome I made. I made this costume and I wore it for up to 12 years. The make up was a Bajoran Male with a beautiful Prosthetic Nose, which I made. Trick or Treat!!!

Pacific Ocean Skull Cap

Today was a spiritual retreat day. Some of my friends and I decided to do a meditation.

These excercises by the ocean will be conducted by what it's called Ocean Beach, near the Golden Gate National Recreational Area Park. We had breakfast at Louie's. This restaurant has been family owned for almost 100 years. Afterwards we walked toward the ocean for some visualizations. Here, close to the ocean in this open space, before a cave that went through the rocks, we meditated for what seemed like an eternity.
The second part of the excercise will take us through this area toward the other side of that cave. This the tunnel simbolizes going within where you will explore your inner self. We took a very slow and conscientious walk toward the other side. You could hear the roar of the ocean waves as it pounded the walls of the cavern. Talking about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. On the other side you can see the Not so Pacific Ocean.

You can see how tempestuous the ocean was. I…

Navy Blue & Yellow Skull Cap

I was inspired by David, another fellow crochetter, blogging @ and his Nike Skull Cap. I dediced to make one with the same colors. It actually goes with an Old Navy T-Shirt I have and some shorts with matching colors.

The pattern is made in single crochet all around, done with Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton Sunflower Yellow and Bernart Berella "4" Navy Blue. I was trying to give you the impression of a 3D lattice with diamonds around the cap. The lattice has some overlaid single crochet stitches and some chain ones and maybe four double crochets. It is a unique pattern, I never make two patterns alike. The only time my skull caps are alikel is when they are made in a plain single crochet stitch. Did you notice that there are some vertical lines, four in total, One in front aligned with your nose, one on back and the other two in front of each respective ear.

I think it is a very nice hat . What is the best attribute this skull cap has? It breathes, b…

Dachshund Heidi the wonder weiner!!!

One of the projects that I have been working on is Dachshund Heidi. It is a stuffed dachshund dog. I have been in contact with it's pattern designer, Scott Hooper, from Crochet Depot is a Member-Authored One Stop Crochet Source on the net. It has galleries of pictures from it's members and You can visit it's forums and comment as a guest or you can JOIN and participate as a MEMBER!!!

I will have to confess that it is my first crochet stuffed animal. Scott has been very gracious and patient ,coaching me along in this project. When it comes to English, which is my second language, sometimes instructions do not make sense to me. My secret is that sometimes I have to improvise and guess what it is the pattern is saying, which means 90% I get it right.

This is the first look you will have of Heidi. I have been working on the body, crochetting it along and stuffing it, you can actually see the torso form and see how it is t…

To Scott of Thanks

Scott Hooper from Crochet Depot,, has been instrumental in helping me with this website and the way it looks. These are some of his creations for me. I wanted to give thanks to him for his marvelous craftiness.

This is the main picture of my profile and I think he did a great job with the techno effects.

Here he made my blog botton, which if you want to link to my blog is available for the taking. It is people like him that allow art to have expression. He also helped me with the header and the coloring and the website in general. Thank you for your help in helping another crochet fellow.You may want to pay his sight a visit if you are a crochetter and maybe join,, pay him a visit.Crochet Depot moved to

Remember when people used to have R.A.S.K., which stands for Random Acts of Simple Kindness. Well I think that we should encourage those kind of actions everyday without asking for anything back. Never f…

Time to crochet and A time for fun Oct 05!

Last night I was at the Local LGBT Center, which is one of the community centers in the city of San Francisco. We had language night from all the language groups in the Bay Area including Grupo Sociocultural Hispano ,, which you can visit by clicking the website link. There you will see what we are all about. Yes I've modeled some of my best hats to this group. The question is; Do you have a hat for every outfit? The answer is simple; I am working on that. LOL

For this particular ocassion I made my great Eggplant salad, which people ate like it was going out of style.

The salad took three whole eggplants, exotic peppers, onions, about 1 cup of filtered water,balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sesame oil, tamari soy sauce, garlic, diced tomatoes, some sea salt, red bell peppers, oregano and some basil. Slowly cooked over two to three hours so that the eggplant simmers in this marinade on low heat. Then refrigerate overnight and when ready to serve let it be at room temperat…

Do your Vest is Finished !!!

Here you Go!

The Vest is finished!!! Great fun and easy to follow pattern. I am donating this one to charity. A new Vest is in the works as we speak. I am creating one that I will model sometime in the next two weeks. The other one that I am creating is a little different. Using the same pattern I have added 6 inches to the girth and 6 inches to the length in back and 6 inches in the front.

You may wonder how I did it? the pattern stitch is one inch in width, so by adding this pattern in certain specific areas, I am able to expand the vest to fit me, without deviating from the look the designer intended for the pattern. The vest onhte right is the original pattern without modifications.

Please visit see tha pattern and support his craft.

Doing your Vest Unassembled!

This came out to be a very nice project and I enjoyed making it. The vest is done from the pattern of Drew EmborskyDo your Vest! I used Red Heart Acrylic yarn and the feel of the vest is magnificent. Even though it is acrylic you can see that the combination of the color and the stitch gives a nice presentation to the eye.

Right now I am working on putting it together, maybe within the next few days or so the vest will be displayed assembled. As you can see, it is ready to be whip stitched together and ready for display. I will say that I am also working on a bigger model. Is just a little different than this model, but using the original Do your Vest! pattern as template it will be very easy to follow. Anyway thnak you for stopping by and enjoy.

Vest in progress 4 Pieces

Hey everyone and welcome back . As you can see I am still working on the Vest and I have a picture of four pieces already made. I believe that by Friday I will have the vest done and there may be a surprise in the woks as well.

You can see from this picture the modularity of the Vest. This modularity gives it in my opinion the flexibility to make it bigger or shorter, wider without much to think about. The long pieces are the shoulder straps and what a wonderful texture they possess. It's a tight handywork from my style of crochetting. You have to admire the creativeness of it's designer Drew Emborsky, and you can check his blog at, go pay him a visit he has plenty to show you as well.

Crochet and Do your Vest!!!!

Isn't it a very clever title? I borrowed the title from the pattern's name by The Crochet Dude, I think the pattern so far is fantastic. Here on the left you will find the way the vest looks on the pattern flyer, please be conscious of the copyright, I asked for permisssion to post this picture, if you want to use it ask The Crochet Dude.

As I go along I will post the progress of my vests. Here on the right side, is my work in progress. I am thinking of working with different materials, one of them being Lion Brand Wool Ease. I am working on plain 100% acrylic in a deep blue by Red Heart yarns. I bet some nice egyptian Cotton,or Linen, which by the way comes from the Flax or Linen plant, will add great texture and feeling to it.

Did you know that the Flax plant seeds have been used for lowering the amount of cholesterol in your blood in modern times? It is also used in cooking as a substitute for eggs in a recipe.

So make sure you don't confuse the terms and eat your vests. L…

Crochet Vests , Sweaters and Shawls

It's Wednesday, hump day to some of you and another day to some of us! I am going to start working on crochet sweaters and vests today. I have a lot of yarn , to make a lot of people happy!!!

I bought a fantastic pattern from Drew Emborsky, his blog is, a fellow crochetter that is very creative as well. So works in progress are vests, sweaters, Dachshund Heidi, maybe some hats and some doillies.

Here is a shawl I made for a lady in Arizona. The Ruffled Peacock Shawl, in a pineapple crochet. If you want to buy the book, is a Leisure Arts Publication. You can find a geat deal on this book at Amazon.Com, the ISBN 0-942237-63-3, starting at $3.65 what a deal. I altered the pattern to make space for a broche button that I thought would add a real classy and vintage look to it. The Spaniard Ladies would have used these garments, when it got a little chilly during the fall and winter nights in the "New World" . The New World meaning the Americas…

Of Red string and some needles!

The wonders of human life and the power of simple things, a red string and some needles will enable you to do many things.

You can create garments, repair things or save someone's life, like the story below.

This by no means is an endorsement of any religion, so keep an open mind because the story is about faith, hope, trust, possiblities and beliefs.

Have you heard the story about Rahab her story shows you what something as simple as a red strings may save your life.
Rahab, (Heb. rachav; i.e., "broad," "large") is a prostitute who lived in the city of Jericho in the Promised Land, according to the book of Joshua in the Tanakh.According to the book of Joshua (Joshua 2:1-7), when the Hebrews were encamped at Shittim, in the "Arabah" or Jordan valley opposite Jericho, ready to cross the river, Joshua, as a final preparation, sent out two spies to investigate the military strength of Jericho. The spies stayed in Rahab's house. When soldiers came to look …

Hats for the fun of it!!!

I got this wonderful pattern from Brooke Higgins at, it is the easiest knit pattern for hats I have ever found. She is very talented. I have to tell you that I have no talent when it comes to making knitted hats with more than two needles, I get very confused. I guess that's why I don't make socks, which I have tried, but become bored easily and because it takes a lot of time for me to get something acomplished. I admit I am a sock virgin. I am thinking of crochetting some socks later this year for the first time. Right now I have two projects going, one of them is these hats, which I think are very crafty and the other is Dachshund Heidi a pattern from The Pattern is located at will need acrobat reader to be able to view it.

So if you think that I am working on holidays stocking stuffers, you are so right. It is a well known fact that puertor…

Is it a Quilt or an Afghan?

I am pleased to announce that I have finished the Quilt Afghan. The pattern is quite complex , but as you can see the outcome is astonishing. It is done 99% in Bernat Berella "4", and the golden border is Lion Brand Wool Ease. This Afghan is primarilly made up of small granny squares which later are whip stitched together. Each square is about 2.75 square inches there are 384 squares that make the majority of this Afghan.

I really had to be creative and improvise in the stitching as I could not understand or was unable to understand the stitiching instructions for the borders. I also added some bulk to the border by making the Bubbles twice and by using a single crochet on the strings that do form an elliptical pattern around the Bubbles. You definitely need to block the pattern as you go in sections. Using the steam iron I pressed the sections, needless to say acrylic does not like steam much, but it came out really good once it dried and was stretched and blocked.

Here we ye…

Puertorrican Plus!!!

I have a confession to make, I am a puertorrican since birth. It is not a well known fact that puertorricans have been american citizens for about 100 years, theJones-Shafroth Act gave the citizenship to puertorricans a long time ago. It is not a secret, but I am more than a puertorrican. In the year 1988 I became HIV +. Having the HIV Virushas been no picnic and, needless to saysome people think I deserve it; while others pity me. Some show compassion, some people make the distinction between being HIV as opposed to havingAIDSand being puertorrican. I like that, I want to be treated like an individual that has many layers.Being HIV positive is like being human, until now, there is nothing that I can do to change who I am, so I will have to live with who I am and do the best I can everyday for which I have a breath of air. Today I have AIDS.

Puertorrican Plus!!! Blogging my life away, i am getting out some of my secrets in hopes that someone will benefit from what I write. I was sexual…

Fearless Lion

Here is the Lion Baby Bath Wrap with my Benjamin. He is my boy doll. Oh. By the way, he in fact is anatomically correct! He is an amazing boy and loves to model with daddy.

Talking about fearless lions. My friend, Coco, a Japanese lady friend of mine, shared with me one day the fact that she was terrified about spiders; and that even though she was terrified about spiders, she still wanted to help her little girl grow up without that fear. She taught her little girl not to be afraid of spiders and allow her little girl to develop her own fears, and not the fears inherited from her as a parent.

Sometimes, when we feel afraid, have you thought about it? Are these fears our own or the ones we learned from others? Fear is there to be conquered and serves a purpose; once that purpose is served, then fear has no place. In my life experience I have learned to trust life and the Universal Intelligence some call God. When it comes to this lion there is no fear , just cuteness.

Legal Drugs Illegal Drugs!!!

I have to write in order to get this off of my chest, because a friend of mine that moved from San Francisco, California, made a comment that he finally escaped from a "third world city," referencing San Francisco. He opined that it was full of "freaks."
I myself am not a freak. It bothered me when he said that to me and a lot of other people in a mass email.
For instance, he considers shopping malls on every corner the sanctuary of modern life and, even though I like shopping malls, I must, nevertheless, disagree vehemently with his point of view; at the same time, I would not call shopping malls or corporations "evil."
One point he omitted on his critique -- on purpose, I believe -- was the fact that his biggest problem in San Francisco was his drug addiction problem. I think this was the biggest problem he had, for he simply couldn't earn enough money to support his drug addiction. He had lost more than one job because of this. He said he stopped do…

Lion's Head comes alive

I guess if I made it big enough it could be a nice custome for Halloween. I am half way through the wrap and I realized that it has a tail . It is beyond cute. Only my niƱito is cuter. Will you want to come to the Lion's den with me?

My next animal project is a wonderful dachshund stuffed animal, named Heidi, from the great "grannyguy" Click this button on the "Blogs I Read" to the left and it will take you to his site.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I am working on many projects that are exciting. New projects , new people and always surrounded by love. It is interesting that this pattern may be modified to make a zebra as well. I had to wear it, it is too cute. Anyway enjoy your visit and please come again!!!!