Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dachshund Heidi the wonder weiner!!!

One of the projects that I have been working on is Dachshund Heidi. It is a stuffed dachshund dog. I have been in contact with it's pattern designer, Scott Hooper, from Crochet Depot is a Member-Authored One Stop Crochet Source on the net. It has galleries of pictures from it's members and You can visit it's forums and comment as a guest or you can JOIN and participate as a MEMBER!!!

I will have to confess that it is my first crochet stuffed animal. Scott has been very gracious and patient ,coaching me along in this project. When it comes to English, which is my second language, sometimes instructions do not make sense to me. My secret is that sometimes I have to improvise and guess what it is the pattern is saying, which means 90% I get it right.

This is the first look you will have of Heidi. I have been working on the body, crochetting it along and stuffing it, you can actually see the torso form and see how it is taking it's shape. Soon I will have a picture of the torso to show you.

I decided to make this pattern, as my great niece, Mara Sofia got a spotted dachshund for a pet. I thought it would be fun to make that for her. You can find more information about the Dachshunds breed on or by clicking on this other link as well. Each link has something to offer. Lots of fascinating facts about this breed.

I will have to say that there are two types of Dachshunds that I like, the wire-haired dachshund , which I think is adorable, an another variation with a little longer hair, but still with a hint of a Terrier. I like the tight hair appearance and texture. This is a very handsome dog. Don't you agree ? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

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Jen said...

Dachshunds are the most wonderful dogs :) I have a miniature long-haired dachshund, and she is the sweetest thing ever :) I've had this pattern in my archives for a while now, always intending to make it.

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