Saturday, October 22, 2005

Do your Vest is Finished !!!

Here you Go!

The Vest is finished!!! Great fun and easy to follow pattern. I am donating this one to charity. A new Vest is in the works as we speak. I am creating one that I will model sometime in the next two weeks. The other one that I am creating is a little different. Using the same pattern I have added 6 inches to the girth and 6 inches to the length in back and 6 inches in the front.

You may wonder how I did it? the pattern stitch is one inch in width, so by adding this pattern in certain specific areas, I am able to expand the vest to fit me, without deviating from the look the designer intended for the pattern. The vest onhte right is the original pattern without modifications.

Please visit and see tha pattern and support his craft.

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