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Autumnal Beret wip

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy Since last year I wanted to make this Beret and this year I got to start. I got a superwash Cascade yarn and the Rowan Kid Silk-Mohair blend, it is so soft , it screams. I am mixing these two beauties to make this a very soft and fuzzy Beret. It is in the spirit of Autumn that I embrace the browns, let's see what happens. So I end the month of September 2010 on a soft note and start the month of October 2010 on a soft note as well. There is a little trip in the works that is fiber related, but you will witness what happens in a few days. I will start this project with DPNs, but will be moving to Addi Lace circulars, because the kid -silk mohair blend loves to be on Addis. A versatile mix of Super Kid Mohair and Silk which can be cleverly adapted to a lot of projects and when blended gives you a delicious halo to play with.  This is  a Moss Stitch Beret by Kent Turman and is a free Pattern on Ravelry which you can find HERE . T…

MFKR 2010 Day 4

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy Here I am at the last day of the MFKR 2010. I am always amazed at how little I sleep and how much energy I get, but I enjoy it while it lasts. By the time this class is taking place, I have already brought my suitcase down and I am ready to leave at any time, my room is cleared and my key has been turned in.

This class gifted us with the ability to use the remnants of sock yarn to create a beautiful masterpiece. Too much work if you ask me, but worth the effort. You will have a lovely washable blanket if all your yarn is super wash, otherwise don't wash it; or it may shrink unexpectedly lol. The blanket is made in rectangles and the stitches are picked up, given you the advantage of joining as you go. Certainly James has a very creative mind and he uses his creativity to make things happen. We got a chance to see some of his wonderful sock yarn that he sells at his website , reasonably priced and re…

The Devil you Know Mission

A little break from the Retreat Posting there is another Day, day 4 the sad day, because we leave friends behind and come home, some of the friends come along with us as we live close to each other.  This is from my Ravelry Group Battlestar Galactica FPB .  In this competition we were to work on a WIP therefore the Name "The Devil You Know" . My call name is Triton.  I have to say my  mission has been  accomplished. Making yarn is a pleasure, the plain white one was done in an afternoon and in a hurry, because I had a deadline lol.  Not much fun, yet when the twist was set the smell of new wool is always nice.  It was a lot of fun to make,  I spun a total of 819 grams or 1.80 pounds ,1770 yards or 1633 meters, 1.633 kilometers of yarn, a bit shy over a mile  in total, before plying it. Thanks for stopping by.
  This yarn below is 180 gms and 182 yds. This is the result of my spinning this Month

This yarn below is 170 grams and 125 yards

This yarn below is 125 grams and 205…

MFKR 2010 Day Three part 2 Earthues

This is our Host Kathy Hattori from Earthues. We all loved her, we could not get enough from her and she knew she had captivated our attention. Everyone was so excited. Myself I was going to overdyed some yarn I did not like much, but mainly because I wanted to see the effects of overdyeing it with indigo. I have wanted to take a class like this, but was not able to get the money together in time, or the times it was offered around my area was not very goo as I had to travel by public transportation. This place was truly magical, Kathy is truly magical and her knowledge and expertise was out of this world. Specially after reading the article in Spin Off Magazine in which she is featured and Earthues as well. What amazes me is the color depth and vibrancy of natural color dyeing. Properly done you should not impact the environment in a negative way. One thing I kept hearing over and over is to balance your dye bath after you are done. Is a chemistry thing, but it is better if the water …

MFKR 2010 Day Three part One

Our teacher John Wise was very kind and brought samples from his stash to give to us for practice. I too the Turkish spindle class. You may ask yourself why? I already know how to spin on a drop spindle and a wheel, so why would I take a class like this one for beginners?

The fact is that I have found that I learn a lot from different perspectives, and I did learn something new from this gentleman. Is like from the classes I have taken from Michael Wade, there is something new I learn from all of them. John has a different technique or approach and it was fun. I can now buy a better Turkish Spindle or more expensive if I may and be confident I will know how to work it. You make a half hitch and then when you have yarn you go over two of the legs and under one as you wind on. The advantage of this is you have a ball of yarn already for plying. The bigger the spindle the bigger the ball lol!

Here I am doing the spindling, the short video is just a video presentation of the class, but n…

MFKR 2010 Aay Two Addendum

This addendum pictures are possible by Michael Wade allowing me to borrow some of his pictures ©. The Class with Franklin Habit in Photography was spectacular , not only because it was with him, but because of his ability to bring forth ideas in your head. 

The idea comes from the fact that you don't need to carry all this equipment with you, but look for opportunities that nature will give you  to see where the exact light that you need for the picture is or to play with the shutter speed or aperture of your camera to get as great a picture as you can muster.  It also makes you look at the surfaces closest to your subject , How is light being filtered?, What is it being reflected off?  Because in the end it is going to inform you camera and your eyes what did it look like even when it did not look like that.  Different lights have different properties, we know that from physics, the same that it travels different on different surfaces.  Optics in Physics was an interesting subjec…

MFKR 2010 Day Two

The day started as usual with Breakfast and the eagerness to learn and share. My first class was with Mr. Franklin Habit, which is a great guy to know. Franklin is a very respectful and honorable guy, nonetheless he has the advantage of keeping in his memory the experiences of life, so don't even think of messing with us short guys, we have an amazing spirit specially when you have the outlook in life that we do. I like my new found friend. Namaste.
His class was on photography, and worth every minute of it. What are the things that you have to take into consideration when taking pictures and what not to do. Reading the manual, but mostly he explained certain terms that I was not sure about, mostly because of new vocabulary, which now will be enhancing my life. Most of my pictures after the class have the touch of his teaching. He taught us how to make a light box to take pictures of our stuff aka wools and items for showing and showcasing. I was lucky this year and was gifted with…

MFKR 2010 Day One

Five years ago I would have not thought it possible that I would be posting so much about my life online.  It has been almost five years since my first blog entry. Time truly runs like the wind. This post is about the MFKR , so let's get going on that subject.  Men across the miles from all walks of life, come and flock like birds to our retreats.  It is about men knitting and sharing in the craft, is not about TV, or social status or sexual orientation.  You can crochet, spin and even weave, but the main focus is knitting.  This is the third MFKR and my 4th MKR.   Dumas Bay Center is a great place, affordable, clean and very reachable by transportation from the airport.  We have friends in Seattle and the surrounding areas.  I think we all our going to move up there some day and have a village outside Seattle of the Men Who Knit, I hope you enjoy the journey I will take you , this retreat was a success in itself, no comparison , each retreat has it 's own value independently …

MFKR2010 Enhancement

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy This is in a snapshot the things I got, most of it was gifted, some of it was bought. WE got to see the new and exciting products from Skacel. We went to Earth Hues and Indigo Dyed some yarn. I took several classes and got something from each class. It was a wonderful experience , many new friends and renewed friendships. There will be more detailed posts as the week goes by, I have lots of pictures to organize and tag, and look at. I did not get much of anything done,but I did get to Crochet and knit and even spin with some of the guys. Thanks for stopping by!

MFKR Thursday 2010

MFKRThursday2010 014
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy So it has begun the MFKR 2010. Wonder Mike is actually showing us the wonderful prizes that we are going to have the opportunity of getting. Each participant gets one of the wonderful prizes donated by our  kind and wonderful sponsors, I will be sharing the list of sponsors of which I have the opportunity of being one, by donating a pattern and some wonderful Lavender Sachets, designed by Kate Godfrey, which are a nice way of promoting yourself in the field. It is very early and the excitment of the day is startting. Today I have a photography class with Franklin Habit and a Toe up Class with my friend Nigel. We also have a tour of the Skacel Warehouse and they have new products in the market, oh my!  Hope you have a wonderful Friday, we had 39 guys ths year, a lot of new people, which is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by!

Fulling is fun

CCCCSep2010 (3)
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy I was trying to full this case and I may still do some more, but in the meantime it is just here, ready to be used. I used some wool/silk blend and some wool/mohair and overdyed it with some chery Kool AId. It is that red, you are not seeing visions. It is a bit more subtle and I am hoping that it will last me a bit longer than the chenille one. This is one of my crochet projects that I am taking on my trip back to the Pegasus, it is Galactica approved. I hope you have a great week and I will be kind of out of contact until I come back from the MFKR 2010. Thanks for stopping by.

Colonial Cell Caddy

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy This is not all the yarn that I will be using, I will be using a wool-mohair combo that I homespun before. I will be overdyeing the silk - wool blend with some cherry Kool Aid so that it is Cylon Worthy and in combination with the cylon colors. My old caddy has seen a better day and I am in need of making a new caddy for my communications device aka Cell phone. I am actually trying to make it full a bit by agitating it. Anyway this is a quick crochet project, I hope to be done by the end of the day and have pictures of the dry FO tomorrow or so. Below is the wool-mohair combo I will be using to make this project a better fit for this covert COlonial Mission.  Thanks for stopping by.