Friday, September 17, 2010

MFKR Thursday 2010

MFKRThursday2010 014
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
So it has begun the MFKR 2010. Wonder Mike is actually showing us the wonderful prizes that we are going to have the opportunity of getting. Each participant gets one of the wonderful prizes donated by our  kind and wonderful sponsors, I will be sharing the list of sponsors of which I have the opportunity of being one, by donating a pattern and some wonderful Lavender Sachets, designed by Kate Godfrey, which are a nice way of promoting yourself in the field. It is very early and the excitment of the day is startting. Today I have a photography class with Franklin Habit and a Toe up Class with my friend Nigel. We also have a tour of the Skacel Warehouse and they have new products in the market, oh my!  Hope you have a wonderful Friday, we had 39 guys ths year, a lot of new people, which is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by!

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