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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Devil you Know Mission

A little break from the Retreat Posting there is another Day, day 4 the sad day, because we leave friends behind and come home, some of the friends come along with us as we live close to each other.  This is from my Ravelry Group  Battlestar Galactica FPB .  In this competition we were to work on a WIP therefore the Name "The Devil You Know" . My call name is Triton.  I have to say my  mission has been  accomplished. Making yarn is a pleasure, the plain white one was done in an afternoon and in a hurry, because I had a deadline lol.  Not much fun, yet when the twist was set the smell of new wool is always nice.  It was a lot of fun to make,  I spun a total of 819 grams or 1.80 pounds ,1770 yards or 1633 meters, 1.633 kilometers of yarn, a bit shy over a mile  in total, before plying it. Thanks for stopping by.

  This yarn below is 180 gms and 182 yds. This is the result of my spinning this Month
DevilYouKNowBlueAlgae180gm182yds (1)
This yarn below is 170 grams and 125 yards
DevilYouKNowBlueGreen170gm125yds (6)
This yarn below is 125 grams and 205 yards
DevilUknowGrnGray125gm205yds (3)
This yarn below 69 grams and 145 yards
Natasi145yds69gm (1)
This one is 95 grams and 83 yards
Natasi83yds95gm (3)
The STO yarn completed last nite is 180 grams and 145 yards.
STO145yds180gms (1)
This concludes my mission of the Devil you Know Yarn.