Thursday, September 30, 2010

MFKR 2010 Day 4

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Here I am at the last day of the MFKR 2010. I am always amazed at how little I sleep and how much energy I get, but I enjoy it while it lasts. By the time this class is taking place, I have already brought my suitcase down and I am ready to leave at any time, my room is cleared and my key has been turned in.

This class gifted us with the ability to use the remnants of sock yarn to create a beautiful masterpiece. Too much work if you ask me, but worth the effort. You will have a lovely washable blanket if all your yarn is super wash, otherwise don't wash it; or it may shrink unexpectedly lol. The blanket is made in rectangles and the stitches are picked up, given you the advantage of joining as you go. Certainly James has a very creative mind and he uses his creativity to make things happen. We got a chance to see some of his wonderful sock yarn that he sells at his website , reasonably priced and reasonable shipping for something coming from New Zealand..

Thank you for the great class my Dear friend. James has been my Internet friend for a longtime, but we have never met until last year. I wish I could spend more time with him as I really like him and know we will have many things to share. The other fact is that he has candy all the time, chocolates and anise candy. Everything in moderation.

This day is sad and happy. You leave your new friends and you end your weekend of fiber fun. I tend to look around for things left behind, I usually take them with me and contact the owners, you can be assure that if I saw something that belongs to you, that I thought was important, that was left behind, I will take it with me and contact you. This day , the last day people are like lost, not knowing when to leave or what to do. In the end we all went home, I had three more guys going with me to the airport in the Shuttle, but we did not want to leave. There was so much lonely fiber left behind, I could not allow that to happen, plus you get to hang out and relax before the flight home.

This retreat was full of surprises, full of great workshops and full of wonderful people. There was some tension in the air and there was a lot going on that a lot of people did not see, but this is not a kiss and tell. I enjoyed the time I got to spend talking with some new friends and getting to hang out with the people I met last year a bit more. I look forward to our next year retreat and I hope that we get the chance to make it happen at Dumas or a place that has similar accommodations. I did not get to teach a class, but I have no regrets. The food was great and we had private rooms.  I think that I like Seattle as our home away from home, not much care for lots of rain, but as with in Ferenginar, there are 150 names to describe rain in Seattle.  I say I would not mind living there, maybe not too close to any volcano, but far enough to be able to run with all my yarn and instruments of fiber construction.

We got breakfast and we kind of planned or mentioned next years retreat. This concluded another successful Men Fall Knitting Retreat thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, like Michael Wade and Daniel Herrera. I say that even though there was a bit of disarray in this year's retreat, everything came out fantastic.  Intrigue , Mystery ? Something was not right, this year, but I am not telling anymore, this dies right here, but I thought I would mention it. Let me tell you Wonder Mike and Daniel had a lot of support from all of us and our sponsors, and we were not going to allow this to be less than the success it was.  We are always grateful to our sponsors, I was one of them with a pattern and I brought something that Andrea Wong, from , kindly donated, my friend John Wise was the winner of this price. See you next year guys and thank you for a wonderful time. I have to thank Karin Skacel for her support and Earthues for their kindness and wonderful workshop. I also want to thank Benjamin Levisay from the XRX , Stitches Gatherings for his sponsorship of a scholarship. We all got a benefit from the people sponsored by you. I have some exciting projects that are coming alive, just stay tuned, this is Crafty Andy, Thanks for stopping by .

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