Saturday, September 25, 2010

MFKR 2010 Day Three part One

MFKR2010Spinning (1)
Our teacher John Wise was very kind and brought samples from his stash to give to us for practice. I too the Turkish spindle class. You may ask yourself why? I already know how to spin on a drop spindle and a wheel, so why would I take a class like this one for beginners?
MFKR2010Spinning (5)
The fact is that I have found that I learn a lot from different perspectives, and I did learn something new from this gentleman. Is like from the classes I have taken from Michael Wade, there is something new I learn from all of them. John has a different technique or approach and it was fun. I can now buy a better Turkish Spindle or more expensive if I may and be confident I will know how to work it. You make a half hitch and then when you have yarn you go over two of the legs and under one as you wind on. The advantage of this is you have a ball of yarn already for plying. The bigger the spindle the bigger the ball lol!
MFKR2010Spinning (27)

Here I am doing the spindling, the short video is just a video presentation of the class, but not in it's totality. The sun came out and John wanted to go outside for the class and on Spinning in Public Day we got to spin with this gentle guy.

So here it is Day Three part one , before the Earthues experience. I want to tell you about it right away, but I have to calm myself down, it was an extraordinary experience and I will tell you in a few. Thanks for stopping by.

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