Saturday, September 25, 2010

MFKR 2010 Aay Two Addendum

This addendum pictures are possible by Michael Wade allowing me to borrow some of his pictures ©. The Class with Franklin Habit in Photography was spectacular , not only because it was with him, but because of his ability to bring forth ideas in your head. 
TOEUPClassMWade© (2)

The idea comes from the fact that you don't need to carry all this equipment with you, but look for opportunities that nature will give you  to see where the exact light that you need for the picture is or to play with the shutter speed or aperture of your camera to get as great a picture as you can muster.  It also makes you look at the surfaces closest to your subject , How is light being filtered?, What is it being reflected off?  Because in the end it is going to inform you camera and your eyes what did it look like even when it did not look like that.  Different lights have different properties, we know that from physics, the same that it travels different on different surfaces.  Optics in Physics was an interesting subject.
PhotoClassMWade© (2)

So in the end we came out a lot more knowledgeable than we came in.

PhotoClassMWade© (1)
Here you have a picture of yours truly taking the toe up class, in magic loop no less.  Nigel is a great teacher and it was the first time that I notice that West Coast Canadians do have a different accent.  Sometimes when you have an accent like me, it takes a bit more to understand people with accents, but is amazing how we all sound so different yet speak the same.  That is unless I am tired in which case my English goes back to archive and Spanish comes up front, so when I am talking I am in translation mode.  Later on I will have Day Three which was a fun and short day.  Thanks for stopping by!

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