Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Granny Squares & Quilting Supplies Aug 06

Well I am getting ready for my quilting project. I got my circular ergo scissors, the template on the left, replacement blades and a stencil cutter pen One of the most important parts is the green mat where you can cut the fabric. I have also ordered some Fabric from a reputable Ebay Quilting Store.

This is one of the 12 in squares for the Granny Guy Square Exchange , that we have on a monthly basis at my group at the following link ---->>> , (since the group is private you can no longer lurk you have to join to see our pages LOL),which is also helping The Heart Made Blessings Afghans. We make two Squares for your partner and two for the Charity.

You can find this wonderful charity at . This is a charity that will help many people. You will get such satisfaction, I know I do. Our friend Drew from Houston is accepting our squares for our group. He has a new book that you may want to chek out.

So thanks so much for stopping by and come back, I will definitely have something more for you soon. I am getting into more dishcloths and potholders and one of the greatest seasons is coming soon. Fall is around the corner. My quilting is coming, so don't go crazy, it will be here before you know it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pot holder and a Xmas Exchange

I did not think that I was going to like this Pot Holder, but I do. It can be done in different colors and it is very sturdy. I will keep posting my pot holders as I go along. I am getting more busy than I thought and getting ready to have a whole farm full of pot holder animals. LOL.

I also got a Xmas exchange at Crochet Depot , even though it was a little late It was fulfilled by the person who was my partner. You can see the beautiful yarns and objects that I received. Two great Looking potholders and a great dishcloth, a candle and some notepads.

But as good as this was we have a bad Apple in our midst. Her name, I will keep her name private for now, her MSN and possibly yahoo Nickname Lady_Krow. I am sure that she will have many nicknames around. She failed to fulfill her commitment in the exchange for the Heart Made Blessings Charity and for her Partner as well. She was asked about it and she lied and kept the items that were sent to her , that's a no no, shame on you. Do not allow her in any exchanges in your websites . If you own a group and have a doubt as wether she is in your group or not, contact me with the information you got and I will tell you wether is her or not.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Owls can make cute potholders

This is probably a show only potholder, even though you can use it to hold a pot. The eyes are glued and are not crocheted as you can tell. The bow is crocheted as well, and is not fabric like the pattern called for. This pattern if from a leaflet that I bought on Ebay of vintage potholders. The pattern is harder than what I expected, I guess if you use a double strand of yarn instead of making two heads, two bodies, it will be different. I will find out as I create the second potholder, Most likely it will be in brown and natural, or it may be just black,but I am going to use two strands of yarn instead of one.

Some potholder patterns call for three strands of yarn. I guess it is difficult to see if this will help you grab a hot item without transferring the heat. So far the potholders that I have made have never failed me.

So this is my latest creation I will be working on some more later on, there will be some more by the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aug 06 Mystery Crochet Along Revealed

This is what our Mystery Crochet Along at looked like when it was done. It is made in Omega Nylon Thread No. 18. What isit you may ask? It is a Men's Backscrubber and you can find the pattern here
This pattern is courtesy of Priscilla Hewitt, what a great designer. There is more than the backscrubber in the pattern, but for the Mystery Crochet Along I selected the backscrubber.

It was very interesting to work in Nylon, this is the second or third time that I make something with some kind of nylon thread. I think it is a great idea for the shower as it will be hard for it to get moldy et cetera. It was a little tricky as I have not worked with thisind of thickness before, but it all worked out. I am sure that you could make beautiful purses with this material, it is very resilient and has a nice touch. I got some more at my local Record store! Omega thread is made in Mexico and you can find an equivalent in Coats and Clark Nylon. Omega thread is a bit expensive, but you can probably find it in your local mexican or hispanic variety store, supermarket or wherever yarn from mexico is being sold. Ask them to bring it, it's technical name is "La Espiga" and it comes in different gauges 9, and 18 are my favorite.

It is a fact , it's hard to find patterns for men online, so when I find one, I celebrate and try to share it with other people looking for the same. Thanks for stopping by. I will have some interesting Potholders in a few days.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From Soups to Thimbles, all in one day

Well the day started with me dragging myself out of bed, I am always very tired, never seem to get a good night of sleep, maybe is HIV or old AGE or maybe is the medications or the fact that I have AIDS. I share this because I know there are thousands of us out there that do not complain, but that are going through the similar circumstances and issues day after day. Please don't think that this is an AIDS blog, but it is part of me and so I share in the hopes that it will help others understand some of the discomforts that we go through. It is also my hope to show that you can still live life no matter what. Nevertheless the days continue and my adventures through this planet continue on, with the search and discovery of what is fun, what tastes good and what is around the river bend..

I went to the Buchannan Dental Clinic and they have switched the person that does my teeth cleaning without me asking, just because they felt like it or it was a mistake. Well I decided that maybe today was not a good day to have my teeth cleaned, and rescheduled for two weeks from today. The guy that I am always assigned to is a special guy that knows me and it is kind of personal. When I see him in the next two weeks I will ask him who cleans his teeth when he gets a cleaning. Very subtle way of asking who is the best after you, right ? LOL

This was actually great, as I was going to meet with a friend of mine on the East Bay and have lunch, we had not really decided where to have lunch, wether it was Indian, Turkish or Vietnamese. We decided for vietnamese in Downtown Oakland in Chinatown. My friend had a nice beef soup, and I had a curry chicken soup. Very interesting flavors and the place was a very interesting neighborhood eating establishment. Before I forget I saw something in Chinatown for $99.00 a pound, It looked like cowhide and I had to know what it was that was so expensive. To make a long story short, it was eel's stomachs. No more questions asks for today for me, LOL. I got some sesame oil, ginger candy, sesame candy, bok choi, watercress, green tea, Jasmine Tea, I think that was about it, one of the merchants offer me some weird looking fruit to taste I said no thanks I just finish eating, and I was still looking for some dessert that was not that exotic.

After that we took the B.A.R.T. and went under San Francisco Bay toward San Francisco, we stepped out at the Embarcadero Station . Here I exchanged to the local metro train and went to the Castro District to do some errands at the pharmacy and the Variety Store. Here I am going in my travelings of quilting.

I am reading "Fine Hand Quilting" by Diana Leon & Cindy Walter, there I discovered that all thimbles are not created equal. I went to the Cliff's Variety Store and went to talk to the lady that I know, Sonia and asked her about how to correctly measure for a thimble. The fact is that there are two kinds of thimbles for quilting. You can have a thumb thimble and you either have an index or middle finger thimble. The thimble needs to be snug ortherwise it will fall off. More to the point of learning the different thimbles, quilting thimbles have a lip on the top to help you push the needle. They are not that much different in shape than regular thimbles, but when it comes to the the top of the thimble, there are completely different. There is such thing as a "Quilting Thimble". She also showed me the proper way of sewing and using that kind of thimble. Life never stops to amaze me, when you think you can not learn something new, BAM!, there you go , new information is thrown to you.

I am really enjoying my reading material for quilting. It is very important to know what you are doing on your own if you don't have someone to teach you. I look forward to share more of my Crochet, Quilting and day to day life with all of you. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Entering Tenebrea a short Book review

I just finished this novel and I can tell you that it kept me entertained and wishing I have bought the other two books, which I have , but they are hidden , they are collectors items as they have been signed. I buy two sets , one to read and one to keep untouched.

So What is this about ? You may ask. The books Starts with Andre Flores and her family enjoying a nice day by a shore. As Andrea Flores watches her family gets annihilated by the COR Ordinate. The COR is a human system where the workforce is made out of clones. Andrea was injured and was taken by a Jod another race and was recruited into the Tenebrea, which is an exclusive military corp. Andrea trained and embarked into her mission to infiltrate the COR and see what they were up to. Will they be able to destroy The Clone Welfare Institute? Will the NewGen clones make to a second generation?

To make a long story short, this novel is so full of action that it keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. The authors were very clever in the development of the character, yet the characters have a life of their own. If you like Science Fiction , you will enjoy this series of books. Now as I ordered the other book "Tenebrea's Hope" , what will Become of Andrea, Tara aka Tara 2862 aka TRA model, Eric aka ERC model and Brigon the son of a clone.

I enjoyed reading the book very much so and here I am sharing a review with you. If your mind is like mind, you need very little to create a picture that you can follow in your head.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vintage Dress Potholders-Dishcloths for all!

I bought this pattern at and the owner Anna is a great lady that has all kinds of patterns for babies and for the Kithcen. She is also a member of

But let me tell you more about this pattern. This pattern calls for DMC #10 thread, I am sure you can use #20 and #30 without any problems. It also calls for a small hook of course no.3. I used regular cotton and H Hook. I skipped the last 7 rows and decided to close the pattern at the bottom. Why? It was going to be too big and long LOL. Oh and instead of a belt I made a bow. I also added the hanging loop. It is a nice dishcloth that you can use to dry dishes if you like, or a great potholder as it is in all effects a dress.

You can pretty much use this pattern to make baby clothes. I am very glad that I bought the pattern as I think it is a great asset to my collection of patterns. It is not complicated, but it was a joy seeing this pattern come to life.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gods of Kobol Have mercy on me! An AIDS Commentary

I guess I can say that with some Cylon-Human-Hybrid blood there may be the end of AIDS. Sadly the Cylons are so far away and our Sister Tribes have not shown up yet.

In recent weeks I went to take a certification training to be able to volunteer more efficiently in my AIDS foundations' activities and groups. What was more amazing is the fact that only 2 people from the group were HIV Pos with Full Blown AIDS. Here is one of the faces of AIDS , mine. Even though I look pretty good, there is a lot behind that looking good. Beauty is such hard work to maintain, but wellness and sanity that's a different story.

It is amazing what you hear when you have lived this long with the disease. It is amazing what you see after so many years of living with HIV or AIDS or any life threatening disease for that matter. I was reading of a very promising cure. Wouldn't that be nice? We can not lose hope, it's a matter of time, maybe we can cure more than one ailment with the same discovery.

In my volunteers groups I see so much pain, including mine. We have so much suffering with AIDS along, we do not need to make our lives miserable as well. When I hear some of my brothers and sisters talking about how they got sick for being promiscous or going around, or for being a bad human being (as they believe) it angers me, because a DISEASE is not a punishment, a disease is not given to a human being to test it's character. What kind of being wiould have in it's mind a plan to teach people by giving them a disease? If I, yes I that am an IMPERFECT BEING would not do that, how can I claim that someone who is above me, someone like a God or Gods will do that. Maybe we can do some kind of sacrifice and atone for our sins. No matter what the Hand of God or the Gods is reaching.

Let me see what is worst in the eyes of the Gods?
What do you think?

a) Invading a Foreign Land and killing people?
b) Killing people because they have a different religious belief?
c) Having same sex marriage?
d) Incest by a father to his children male and female?
e) Verbal abuse?, Emotional abuse?, Physical abuse?
f) Denying people medicine?
g) Spanish Inquisition?
h) Holocaust of Jews?
i) The conquering of the Americas in the name of GOD?
j) Slavery?

I could go on and on, but you know, it is so SELF CENTERED from us humans to believe that the God or Gods of the Whole Universe (which is so Big and vast that are minds cannot comprehend the vastness of it,) only worries about us and is constantly interfering in our affairs.

Don't take me wrong I belileve in Gods, but not those from the Earth Religions, those God or Gods grant favors depending on conditions and moods. In the meantime we still have to live, have relationships, buy food, rent a house, a car, go to a trip, do your nails, eat chocolate. excercise, love , hate, get upset, laugh and definitely love.

I have seen and known so many people in the AIDS epidemic and their reactions are so different and varied in many ways. Some people are very full of hate and pain. Some people look for someone to blame, and they do find their targets. Some people continue to live and to work for a better world for all of us including those with HIV-AIDS. It is nicier when you put all that effort to find a cure not to blame people. Or put all that effort in helping others to deal with their pain and side effects. Someone once asked if I ever wonder how I got infected, or who infected me. You know that thought maybe occupied a fraction of a second in my brain, what's the point? What will I accomplish by trying to figure out who infected me, where and when!

These days we still struggle with educating people in all areas about AIDS. After 20 something years I found a classmate that lives close to me and she and I were remembering the good old High School days. The conversation went to jobs and retirement by disability and when I said I was disabled with AIDS her response was, "It must have been by a transfusion". What could I say, I said no it was sexually transmitted , I am gay. After a little silence we ended the conversation and I never her from her again. Surprised? Not really, I don't expect everyone I meet to understand HIV, nor do I disclose my status to people. The need to know. Even though I am disclosing my status here online I have never had a problem of disclosing my status to people that matters.

It is amazing how many dates end after the statement I am HIV positive, worst when you have to say I have AIDS. I have never gotten discriminated for being HIV or having AIDS for a date. Personally I rarely date people who are not HIV. Why? Well they just don't have the same perspective, they really don't know what you are going through. One thing I have to say the HIV negative men I have dated have all been great and I am not against mixed pos-neg dating, but they have to be very special and they usually are.

Still dealing with AIDS-HIV is no picnic even with people that know what you are going through. So much emotional baggage, sometimes interrupts your evolution as a person. The first priority that you have as an HIV-AIDS person is your health. We are in a way condemed to take poison for the rest of our lives. We may look good, we may even jump from planes once in a while, but don't let that fool you.

There is a difference between having AIDS and being HIV positive. I have been positive since 1988, and have been diagnosed with AIDS since July 2003 . It is no picnic as I am always very aware as to what I eat, where I eat, what I touch and so on. You really don't want to get extra diseases, parasites and any more exotic names in your health record LOL.

To close I will remind you of a well known fact, Jesus of Nazareth was born a Jew, and he was a practicing Jewish man of a Jewish religion. So if the SON OF GOD was Jewish, why not everyone else adopt that religion? Imagine if it was good enough for the Son Of God, it is good enough for me. I am sure He will recommend it, well not the part of being cricified, but that was the romans anyway. Amen. Hopefully this made you stop and ponder!

Anyway I look forward to the future and meeting the Gods of Kobol, there has to be more than one God, this Universe is too busy for just one. Thanks for stopping by. Namaste. I hope that the God or Gods have in their Master Plan what to do when Space ferrying people that are more advanced than use come to visit us . Hopefully they will have compassion and not take advantage of our weaknesses and enslave the human race. We have enslaved our brothers and sisters, what stops someone who is not related to us at all, not even genetically from using us as raw materials. Stop and think, there is no time like today to be nice and loving and tolerant. Love like never before and live life to the fullest. May the Gods of Kobol have mercy on our souls.

Monday, August 07, 2006

63 Easy to Make Squares Afghan

Somehow this got posted ahead of time, but I guess it is the right time to post it. I have finished the 63 easy to make squares afghan. I did not follow the pattern in many ways. I follow the pattern for each square, but when it came to the colors and assembly, that was a different Story. I created my own pattern to what I thought I wanted it to look like. Thi is another Charity Afghan made in Scott's Name.

We will have this Crochet Along every year along with the next Crochet Along that is 63 "MORE" , Easy to make afghan which is another book with 63 more squares to make. It is essential in your library, it will give you ideas for lots of projects. Thanks for stopping by and remember to always take care of yourself. Until next time.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blue Dishcloths and Low Carb Pumkin Carrot Cake

Between Crochet , kniting and quilting I take time to make wonderful deserts. Today I finish two dishcloths, tell me what do you think about them. Do you like them? Do you like the ring , it will help you with the easy hanging after use?

This is a recipe I adapted from the internet and I will tell you it is delicious. High Calorie, but very nutritious. Remember you can make it low fat, but it will not be as filling. each slice can have anywhere from 250 to 500 Calories depending on how many slices you make and what ingridients you use. One thing is for sure, it will not throw your insuline off like a regular cake. I cut the cake in 8 slices, oh! and it freezes well. I say that because it has no preservatives and it will not last more than a week in the fridge without going bad. Thanks for stopping by.

Pumpkin Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Preparation Time: 20 min.
Bake Time: Approx. 25-30 min.
Makes: 20 servings

1.5 cups SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener,
3/4 cup (Canola Oil or Olive Oil)
1 cup Egg Substitute 1 (15oz.) or 4 eggs
1 can Pumpkin Puree (15-16 oz)
1 cup of shredded raw carrots
2 cups Flour
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1 Tbsp. Cinnamon (Pumkin SPice)
1/4 tsp.Salt

1 (8oz.) pkg. Reduced Fat Cream Cheese (2 packages of cream cheese for double layer)
1/4 cup Butter, softened 1/2 tsp. Vanilla 1 drop Imitation Maple Flavor
3/4 cup SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, (Optional 1/2 cup unsweetened sherred coconut.)

1.PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Lightly oil or spray a 13X9 inch pan or two (2) 9 inch round pans with baking spray. Set aside. The two 9 inch round is to make a double layer cake.

2.MAKE CAKE. Place SPLENDA® Granular, oil, egg substitute or eggs and pumpkin puree and carrots in a large mixing bowl.
Mix until well blended. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. Pour cake batter into prepared pan(s).

3.BAKE in preheated 350°F oven 25-30 minutes or until when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Cool cake.

4.MAKE FROSTING. Place frosting ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix on medium speed until well blended. Ice
cake when cake is completely cool.

Optional garnishes: Sprinkle finely chopped walnuts, pecans or crushed ginger snaps over the top of the cake.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Quilting Toys Aug 06

Today I got some of my new Quilting toys. I am waiting for some books that I have ordered, I will share the books with you later on. I guess I want a different craft to keep me busy when I want a change in venues of craftiness. Quilting seem to be the right idea.

I will try my hand at quilting either by hand or by machine. First by hand and then into the machine if I want to get a different kind of fancy stitch.

I went to the actual store to have a look at the stuff and feel the material so that I could order it online without any doubts. Sometimes it is not enough to look at the stuff. By feeling the material and looking at it we appraise the quality of the object. You can not do that online. When I went to the store I even bought some batting. That in itself was a question of looking at it and getting something you liked. There were combinations of cotton, polyester and other stuff. I decided for 100% cotton. Thanks for stopping by and come back so that you can see the books I get.

Today I am reading a lot, working on some mystery patterns and finishing my 63 easy Squares afghan. We shall see you later on.

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