Sunday, August 13, 2006

Entering Tenebrea a short Book review

I just finished this novel and I can tell you that it kept me entertained and wishing I have bought the other two books, which I have , but they are hidden , they are collectors items as they have been signed. I buy two sets , one to read and one to keep untouched.

So What is this about ? You may ask. The books Starts with Andre Flores and her family enjoying a nice day by a shore. As Andrea Flores watches her family gets annihilated by the COR Ordinate. The COR is a human system where the workforce is made out of clones. Andrea was injured and was taken by a Jod another race and was recruited into the Tenebrea, which is an exclusive military corp. Andrea trained and embarked into her mission to infiltrate the COR and see what they were up to. Will they be able to destroy The Clone Welfare Institute? Will the NewGen clones make to a second generation?

To make a long story short, this novel is so full of action that it keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. The authors were very clever in the development of the character, yet the characters have a life of their own. If you like Science Fiction , you will enjoy this series of books. Now as I ordered the other book "Tenebrea's Hope" , what will Become of Andrea, Tara aka Tara 2862 aka TRA model, Eric aka ERC model and Brigon the son of a clone.

I enjoyed reading the book very much so and here I am sharing a review with you. If your mind is like mind, you need very little to create a picture that you can follow in your head.

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