Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vintage Dress Potholders-Dishcloths for all!

I bought this pattern at and the owner Anna is a great lady that has all kinds of patterns for babies and for the Kithcen. She is also a member of

But let me tell you more about this pattern. This pattern calls for DMC #10 thread, I am sure you can use #20 and #30 without any problems. It also calls for a small hook of course no.3. I used regular cotton and H Hook. I skipped the last 7 rows and decided to close the pattern at the bottom. Why? It was going to be too big and long LOL. Oh and instead of a belt I made a bow. I also added the hanging loop. It is a nice dishcloth that you can use to dry dishes if you like, or a great potholder as it is in all effects a dress.

You can pretty much use this pattern to make baby clothes. I am very glad that I bought the pattern as I think it is a great asset to my collection of patterns. It is not complicated, but it was a joy seeing this pattern come to life.

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Deneen said...

That came out great. I do that all the time, substitute, make it shorter, etc. The #10 and steels will make me blind!

Anna does have some great stuff-I signed on to be a tester there and plan to buy her Candy Lace Shawl pattern in the next few weeks.

Kellycat said...

Very cute Andy. I hate those tiny hooks, they are ruining my eyes!

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