Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From Soups to Thimbles, all in one day

Well the day started with me dragging myself out of bed, I am always very tired, never seem to get a good night of sleep, maybe is HIV or old AGE or maybe is the medications or the fact that I have AIDS. I share this because I know there are thousands of us out there that do not complain, but that are going through the similar circumstances and issues day after day. Please don't think that this is an AIDS blog, but it is part of me and so I share in the hopes that it will help others understand some of the discomforts that we go through. It is also my hope to show that you can still live life no matter what. Nevertheless the days continue and my adventures through this planet continue on, with the search and discovery of what is fun, what tastes good and what is around the river bend..

I went to the Buchannan Dental Clinic and they have switched the person that does my teeth cleaning without me asking, just because they felt like it or it was a mistake. Well I decided that maybe today was not a good day to have my teeth cleaned, and rescheduled for two weeks from today. The guy that I am always assigned to is a special guy that knows me and it is kind of personal. When I see him in the next two weeks I will ask him who cleans his teeth when he gets a cleaning. Very subtle way of asking who is the best after you, right ? LOL

This was actually great, as I was going to meet with a friend of mine on the East Bay and have lunch, we had not really decided where to have lunch, wether it was Indian, Turkish or Vietnamese. We decided for vietnamese in Downtown Oakland in Chinatown. My friend had a nice beef soup, and I had a curry chicken soup. Very interesting flavors and the place was a very interesting neighborhood eating establishment. Before I forget I saw something in Chinatown for $99.00 a pound, It looked like cowhide and I had to know what it was that was so expensive. To make a long story short, it was eel's stomachs. No more questions asks for today for me, LOL. I got some sesame oil, ginger candy, sesame candy, bok choi, watercress, green tea, Jasmine Tea, I think that was about it, one of the merchants offer me some weird looking fruit to taste I said no thanks I just finish eating, and I was still looking for some dessert that was not that exotic.

After that we took the B.A.R.T. and went under San Francisco Bay toward San Francisco, we stepped out at the Embarcadero Station . Here I exchanged to the local metro train and went to the Castro District to do some errands at the pharmacy and the Variety Store. Here I am going in my travelings of quilting.

I am reading "Fine Hand Quilting" by Diana Leon & Cindy Walter, there I discovered that all thimbles are not created equal. I went to the Cliff's Variety Store and went to talk to the lady that I know, Sonia and asked her about how to correctly measure for a thimble. The fact is that there are two kinds of thimbles for quilting. You can have a thumb thimble and you either have an index or middle finger thimble. The thimble needs to be snug ortherwise it will fall off. More to the point of learning the different thimbles, quilting thimbles have a lip on the top to help you push the needle. They are not that much different in shape than regular thimbles, but when it comes to the the top of the thimble, there are completely different. There is such thing as a "Quilting Thimble". She also showed me the proper way of sewing and using that kind of thimble. Life never stops to amaze me, when you think you can not learn something new, BAM!, there you go , new information is thrown to you.

I am really enjoying my reading material for quilting. It is very important to know what you are doing on your own if you don't have someone to teach you. I look forward to share more of my Crochet, Quilting and day to day life with all of you. Thanks for stopping by.

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