Friday, August 04, 2006

Quilting Toys Aug 06

Today I got some of my new Quilting toys. I am waiting for some books that I have ordered, I will share the books with you later on. I guess I want a different craft to keep me busy when I want a change in venues of craftiness. Quilting seem to be the right idea.

I will try my hand at quilting either by hand or by machine. First by hand and then into the machine if I want to get a different kind of fancy stitch.

I went to the actual store to have a look at the stuff and feel the material so that I could order it online without any doubts. Sometimes it is not enough to look at the stuff. By feeling the material and looking at it we appraise the quality of the object. You can not do that online. When I went to the store I even bought some batting. That in itself was a question of looking at it and getting something you liked. There were combinations of cotton, polyester and other stuff. I decided for 100% cotton. Thanks for stopping by and come back so that you can see the books I get.

Today I am reading a lot, working on some mystery patterns and finishing my 63 easy Squares afghan. We shall see you later on.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, you may want to see if you have a quilt shop in your area. The people in the smaller shops are very helpful with all of the questions you may have. I know that the "girl" that owns the shop I got to is a wealth of information, all free for the asking.

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