63 Easy to Make Squares Afghan

Somehow this got posted ahead of time, but I guess it is the right time to post it. I have finished the 63 easy to make squares afghan. I did not follow the pattern in many ways. I follow the pattern for each square, but when it came to the colors and assembly, that was a different Story. I created my own pattern to what I thought I wanted it to look like. Thi is another Charity Afghan made in Scott's Name.

We will have this Crochet Along every year along with the next Crochet Along that is 63 "MORE" , Easy to make afghan which is another book with 63 more squares to make. It is essential in your library, it will give you ideas for lots of projects. Thanks for stopping by and remember to always take care of yourself. Until next time.


Deneen said…
Beautiful colors-nice job and for such a great cause.

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