Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pot holder and a Xmas Exchange

I did not think that I was going to like this Pot Holder, but I do. It can be done in different colors and it is very sturdy. I will keep posting my pot holders as I go along. I am getting more busy than I thought and getting ready to have a whole farm full of pot holder animals. LOL.

I also got a Xmas exchange at Crochet Depot , even though it was a little late It was fulfilled by the person who was my partner. You can see the beautiful yarns and objects that I received. Two great Looking potholders and a great dishcloth, a candle and some notepads.

But as good as this was we have a bad Apple in our midst. Her name, I will keep her name private for now, her MSN and possibly yahoo Nickname Lady_Krow. I am sure that she will have many nicknames around. She failed to fulfill her commitment in the exchange for the Heart Made Blessings Charity and for her Partner as well. She was asked about it and she lied and kept the items that were sent to her , that's a no no, shame on you. Do not allow her in any exchanges in your websites . If you own a group and have a doubt as wether she is in your group or not, contact me with the information you got and I will tell you wether is her or not.

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