Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eye of Jupiter Scarf

EOJScarf (3)

Here you go, there is an interesting scarf if you want to do Tunisian Crochet. What will you learn?  Short Rows , and TKS Tunisian Knit Stitch and TRS Tunisian Reverse Stitch. In my opinion this is a great pattern, Geo Scarf from Kim Guzman, that will give you  the mastering of these two stitches. I made mine two wedges shorter than the pattern called for. The pattern is stretchy , if you make it in a wool blend. So if you are curious about  Tunisian Crochet and Short Rows, this is your pattern. The colorway is the Eye of Jupiter Colorway, beautifully done. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Northshore Cardigan by Lion Brand

CardiganJan2012 (9)
Here I am finishing the pocket as we speak and those will be the last ends to weave, wash and dry. Mission accomplished. I first started this project on October 5, 2010, what a long time and I did not frog it ,lol . I finished one pocket which is holding the ball of yarn, then went to my Monday Night Knit Group to finish the other pocket which I am working on the photo! I got to do 34 rows while at the Cove Cafe.
CardiganJan2012 (2)
Pocket was made on the go. I just put the sweater on and hit the street.  The needles where on the sweater and the ball of yarn on the other pocket. Some strange looks on the street, but is San Francisco, nothing out of the ordinary.

Pockets (3)
I will have to say, that I am very pleased with the Cardigan.  It is warm enough for our weather, cozy, but light at 700 grams, not including the  18 grams of the buttons. This was a great knit and lots of learning making it . It is done and now I will continue to finish my boat neck sweater.  I am hoping to make a scarf and a hat for this Cardigan, something close in the cables department that will make this a nice set. Mattress stitch in reverse stockinette will no longer hold me hostage and afraid, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Pockets (2)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pockets for My Cardigan

ButtonsEtPockets (2) 
I have to say that from the start of this Cardigan I wanted pockets.  I think that the pockets could have been made easier if I thought about it while I was making it.  I have never  made after thought pockets or pockets for a Cardigan for that matter, I discussed it with my friend John Silowsky and he gave me the right idea, still I did not know how to accomplish this easily. 

The first thing I did was decide where I was going to make the pockets. I knew ahead of time that I had to make some accommodations for the row I was going to unravel and to put the live stitches on two dpns or a piece of contrasting yarn. I found it was easier than I thought and I moved from dpns to circular needles. Now I will proceed to make the pockets .  Once the pockets are done I will weave ends and make it more presentable.  I really needs to be washed and dry. acrylic/wool blend 80/20 no problem. I am very excited, I am now confident to make any Cardigan and more than that make after thought pockets, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Tablet and A Cardigan

The Tablet is making my life a lot more interesting and I am enjoying it a lot. I am not using it as much as I use my laptop. It is just a tablet, lighter than a laptop, and you can get your mail as well. I just don't know that I would see a movie on it, yet it may happen. The main purpose of this post is to tell you about the adventures of my Cardigan Making. Only a bit of the journey. CardiganWIP (1)
This pattern is by Lion Brand and it is a fantastic pattern. Guys like me who are short and beefy , do have a problem making most of these garments. I Made the body for the medium size, but I should have made the sleeves for the smaller size. What has happen with the sleeves as I have attachments is that I will have some funky shoulder pads.  I will have to show you in another post with other pictures.  This will get pockets, and I am at the point of making the button band. I learned how to make the mattress stitch for reverse stockinette and it looks fantastic, it is so simple and easy.  I hope you have a great rest of the week.  Tomorrow I have  a dentist for cleaning, I had no cavities, which is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleeves on the Make

BSGJan2012 (13)
It is Tuesday and it is cold here at Starfleet Headquarters or should I say Caprica.  I am wearing my dog tags and my make believe uniform. I wish we had more worlds to share life with and travel and meet more people.  Today was a great day for knitting and I did some of that, later I will be helping a friend to get things into storage as he is making his way back to the city from Texas.   I am still working on this Cardigan, and it is coming along fine.  These are the sleeves, I am done with increasing.

BSGJan2012 (12)
The next step is to shape the top of the sleeves. Making two sleeves at the same time is not only a time saver, it is the best. I am going to make afterthought pockets to the cardigan and I hope to make a video to give you an idea I got from my friend John Silowsky. 
BSGJan2012 (2)
This is my favorite place to craft in the house. It brings many memories back. It brings memories of my friend Buster, the chocolate Lab who is here in spirit.  I miss my friend a lot, he was a very sweet dog that put up with my impatience, yet always loved me. Anyway life goes on and with Life so does Crafty Andy.  I am hoping to finish this sweater this month.  The next pictures will be of the Button hole band, and then the fun pocket adventure.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

An IPhone Cozy or two

Ambrosia (5)
Ambrosia from the Imagined worlds of Battlestar Galactica is Mountain Dew for me, sugar free by the way, lol. I got asked to make an IPhone Case, I made two, and I bet I could make more. Ambrosia (1)
 The one on the left is is Crochet on the back loop only and it makes a great case.  The one on the right is done  on a 1/1 twisted cable.  This produces a gap every two stitches that I ended up utilizing.  I weaved some black yarn through the spaces all around and the case had a great look.  I would definitely do that again. Use the 1/1 twisted cable and then weave yarn through the gaps between rvery  two stitches.  This case is for and IPhone 4S and it is 18 stitches in a double cast on as if for toe-up socks, so that makes it 36 total.  I then went on a 1/1 twisted cable, you skip one stitch, then knit the second st through the back loop, then without dropping the st  you knit the first stitch skipped, you dropped both off the needles.  The bind off was knit 2 together through the back loop, and making sure it is very loose, you put the resulting stitch back in the needles and k2tog the next two until then end.
Ambrosia (6)
The it was time to celebrate as the Forty Niners won the Game with the Saints. Go Niners! Thanks for stopping by!
Ambrosia (4)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cardigan Sleeves


This cardigan is a great project and it has been on my WIP for a while. Sweaters and Cardigans , because of the nature of the repetitive stitches become boring. I decided to make the two sleeves at a time. I could have made them on the round and thus not worry about joining, but this is a learning experience and what is to come.  I will be making pockets on the cardigan, but that is another posting.  I am still working on the sleeves, and then I will be working on the buttonhole band. I just wanted to share this with you on a Saturday , before I begin working on the sleeves again. The Christmas tree still needs to be taken down, and ho ho ho. I really enjoy the festive atmosphere that the Christmas tree provides. This is all for today, thanks for stopping by!

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