Pockets for My Cardigan

ButtonsEtPockets (2) 
I have to say that from the start of this Cardigan I wanted pockets.  I think that the pockets could have been made easier if I thought about it while I was making it.  I have never  made after thought pockets or pockets for a Cardigan for that matter, I discussed it with my friend John Silowsky and he gave me the right idea, still I did not know how to accomplish this easily. 

The first thing I did was decide where I was going to make the pockets. I knew ahead of time that I had to make some accommodations for the row I was going to unravel and to put the live stitches on two dpns or a piece of contrasting yarn. I found it was easier than I thought and I moved from dpns to circular needles. Now I will proceed to make the pockets .  Once the pockets are done I will weave ends and make it more presentable.  I really needs to be washed and dry. acrylic/wool blend 80/20 no problem. I am very excited, I am now confident to make any Cardigan and more than that make after thought pockets, thanks for stopping by!

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