Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Northshore Cardigan by Lion Brand

CardiganJan2012 (9)
Here I am finishing the pocket as we speak and those will be the last ends to weave, wash and dry. Mission accomplished. I first started this project on October 5, 2010, what a long time and I did not frog it ,lol . I finished one pocket which is holding the ball of yarn, then went to my Monday Night Knit Group to finish the other pocket which I am working on the photo! I got to do 34 rows while at the Cove Cafe.
CardiganJan2012 (2)
Pocket was made on the go. I just put the sweater on and hit the street.  The needles where on the sweater and the ball of yarn on the other pocket. Some strange looks on the street, but is San Francisco, nothing out of the ordinary.

Pockets (3)
I will have to say, that I am very pleased with the Cardigan.  It is warm enough for our weather, cozy, but light at 700 grams, not including the  18 grams of the buttons. This was a great knit and lots of learning making it . It is done and now I will continue to finish my boat neck sweater.  I am hoping to make a scarf and a hat for this Cardigan, something close in the cables department that will make this a nice set. Mattress stitch in reverse stockinette will no longer hold me hostage and afraid, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Pockets (2)

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