Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleeves on the Make

BSGJan2012 (13)
It is Tuesday and it is cold here at Starfleet Headquarters or should I say Caprica.  I am wearing my dog tags and my make believe uniform. I wish we had more worlds to share life with and travel and meet more people.  Today was a great day for knitting and I did some of that, later I will be helping a friend to get things into storage as he is making his way back to the city from Texas.   I am still working on this Cardigan, and it is coming along fine.  These are the sleeves, I am done with increasing.

BSGJan2012 (12)
The next step is to shape the top of the sleeves. Making two sleeves at the same time is not only a time saver, it is the best. I am going to make afterthought pockets to the cardigan and I hope to make a video to give you an idea I got from my friend John Silowsky. 
BSGJan2012 (2)
This is my favorite place to craft in the house. It brings many memories back. It brings memories of my friend Buster, the chocolate Lab who is here in spirit.  I miss my friend a lot, he was a very sweet dog that put up with my impatience, yet always loved me. Anyway life goes on and with Life so does Crafty Andy.  I am hoping to finish this sweater this month.  The next pictures will be of the Button hole band, and then the fun pocket adventure.  Thanks for stopping by!

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