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Saturday, January 14, 2012

An IPhone Cozy or two

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Ambrosia from the Imagined worlds of Battlestar Galactica is Mountain Dew for me, sugar free by the way, lol. I got asked to make an IPhone Case, I made two, and I bet I could make more. Ambrosia (1)
 The one on the left is is Crochet on the back loop only and it makes a great case.  The one on the right is done  on a 1/1 twisted cable.  This produces a gap every two stitches that I ended up utilizing.  I weaved some black yarn through the spaces all around and the case had a great look.  I would definitely do that again. Use the 1/1 twisted cable and then weave yarn through the gaps between rvery  two stitches.  This case is for and IPhone 4S and it is 18 stitches in a double cast on as if for toe-up socks, so that makes it 36 total.  I then went on a 1/1 twisted cable, you skip one stitch, then knit the second st through the back loop, then without dropping the st  you knit the first stitch skipped, you dropped both off the needles.  The bind off was knit 2 together through the back loop, and making sure it is very loose, you put the resulting stitch back in the needles and k2tog the next two until then end.
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The it was time to celebrate as the Forty Niners won the Game with the Saints. Go Niners! Thanks for stopping by!
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