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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cardigan Sleeves


This cardigan is a great project and it has been on my WIP for a while. Sweaters and Cardigans , because of the nature of the repetitive stitches become boring. I decided to make the two sleeves at a time. I could have made them on the round and thus not worry about joining, but this is a learning experience and what is to come.  I will be making pockets on the cardigan, but that is another posting.  I am still working on the sleeves, and then I will be working on the buttonhole band. I just wanted to share this with you on a Saturday , before I begin working on the sleeves again. The Christmas tree still needs to be taken down, and ho ho ho. I really enjoy the festive atmosphere that the Christmas tree provides. This is all for today, thanks for stopping by!