Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

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Christmas 2011 has come and now is gone, but it was lots of fun. I have to say that this holiday was a very good one indeed. Since long ago, I decided to be Happy during the Holiday even when I am not a Christian any more. I like gifts and celebrating love and friendship. I don't give what I can not afford and I definitely buy myself a gift every year and wrap it. I know that no matter what happens there is a present for me.
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There are always fantastic gifts that I receive, a lot of what I want and always everything I need. I learned a long time ago that I want a lot of things, but I can deal with my wants as they come along. I am more into the things I need, and few things I want lol.
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Is always nice to get some fiber magic and this year was no exception. MikeEtAndyXmas2011 (27)
This was something I really wanted and I am hoping to play in the new year with friends. MikeEtAndyXmas2011 (29)
I got a Nook Tablet and it is amazing to use, very fast. If you are looking for a Tablet in the Market, you are better off with an Android tablet by itself. Barnes and Noble as of Today does not allow any applications that are not from their market. I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to get stuff from the Android Market, but maybe they will change this policy and add the Android Market to the Nook. Otherwise unless you are looking for a very powerful E-Reader, this tablet is not for you. There are many Hacks to make this tablet a Rooted Tablet, but I am not Interested in doing that just yet. Maybe when my 1 Year Warranty ends, but in the meantime, I am enjoying this Tablet Reader for what it is. MikeEtAndyXmas2011 (36) 
This is a Vanilla Extract from my friend Kyle, what a thoughtful gift, something I am planning to use a lot. Along with a tasty (yes I already had some) Citrus Marmalade from my friend John, nothing like homemade gifts to say Happy Holidays.
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This was one of my gifts to Mike and to Myself from RickShaw Bags which you may find at .  These bags are made locally and they are called zero waste, because there is almost zero waste when making the bags, locally in San Francisco. Thanks to my friend Kyle that alerted me to a great LivingSocial deal. I got two bags about 3 or 4 months ago. My Christmas was fantastic.
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The best gifts are my friends and most of my family lol. Amazing as you can see that most of the cards on my door are from my Galactica Group on Ravelry, a bunch of fun people that make me laugh all the time. Nonetheless, my Internet friends always count, people I have known since I started blogging about 8 or more years ago. Thanks for your friendship and may you have a Happy New Year 2012. It may be the end of the World once more, but just in case, keep calm and carry some yarn with you at all times.
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