Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nook Soft Touch Bag

NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (5)
 Here you have the finished project. I enjoy weaving a lot, but more than weaving, I enjoy the finishing touches. I am learning as I go. Stitching by hand is another story all together.
NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (1)
This is the stitching that is hidden inside the bag liner and below you have a band at the end of the bag to hide some of the would be fringe.  It was stitched by hand as well. I am as pleased as possible, given the fact that I am learning a lot. I made a small I-Cord for the loop.

NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (2)
Below you have the Nook as it looks without the stand case that I got for it. The bag is a bit roomy, but is perfect. I like the color and the fact that it is machine washable and dryable. I say the HiKoo Simplicity behaved fantastic for a weaving project.

NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (4)
I put a button to help with the closure. You see the liner as well. Below you can see the Leather Stand that I got. Is not an overkill, because when you are knitting, the stand is holding the Nook. If you have seen this Stand-Case on the Net and wonder if it is worth the money.  You bet it is. It is the perfect companion for your Nook Soft Touch. Have a great Holiday and there will be more bags to weave and more projects to come. I am hoping to have a Crochet and Knit Pattern for the Nook touch in the near future for free, but as always it takes time and inspiration, and I have the time, but the inspiration is focused on hats at the moment. Happy New Year and Thank for Stopping by.
NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (7)

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