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Featured at Malabrigo yarns

I was very pleased to see my pattern being showcased at Malabrigo  as one of the Patterns online for the Arroyo yarn.  There are so many great patterns and Malabrigo is a very kind company as well. You can find itHERE and it has no name for now, as I forgot in my excitement and haste.  I sent them an email letting them now the name is  "Enconium" .
This is also another pattern that I am working on for Malabrigo Arroyo.  It is a lace hat that may be a Tam if you change needle size and block it to size.  I decided to test the pattern repetition at a scale that was going to be easy for me.

Here you see the pattern is waiting for the test to become final. I am using Intwined Pattern Studio to create the pattern. I got to realize that it is a tool, but that I still need to test the pattern The software will allow you to put any Stitch anywhere you want, like a k3tog on the round following a 2 stitch count. So you will have to make sure that the stitch count matches, because …

"Enconium" A lace scarf

This pattern has a chart and written instructions. I got inspired after reading the book by Nancy Bush, Knitted Lace of Estonia with DVD: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions. You get to travel to Estonia and learn how this lace scarves and shawls are made, in the modern times and in the more traditional way.  After studying this subject for a while I got inspired to create my own  Estonian style lace scarf and thus, may I present you "Enconium" a Lace Scarf. This pattern was designed with Malabrigo Arroyo in mind. It uses 90 grams of one skein. It is a very versatile scarf, simple, elegant and a fast knit.  The whole scarf is made out of 27 repetitions of the main pattern, and it has a garter stitch border.  It is done flat, one piece and it took less than 100 grams.  I was able to use a different yarn  and different size needles and it works perfectly fine.  I hope you enjoy making it as well , it is for sale  at $6.00 .

There is Lace in my Haze

This is my latest creation. It is a lace scarf in the Estonian Style, well that is what I think. It is inspired by the readings of Lace from Estonia by Nancy Bush. It is simple and very fast. There may be more to come in the near future as I get to practice some more. The yarn was variegated in a camo colorway, but I did not like the yarn color that much. It has been overdyed with Brown and I really like the way it looks. The yarn is Oak by Fibranatura and it is a blend of 60 wool,20 silk and 20 linen. I do like the yarn, I hate the color it had, lol. It is blocking , I used this fiber to test the pattern, but the real fiber will be Malabrigo Arroyo. I can't wait until it is made in Arroyo. Malabrigo yarns was kind enough to gift me three skeins of yarn. I am hoping to create a scarf, a Crochet hat and maybe a Crochet Shawl. This guy is actually drying at the moment and once I am done with the Malabrigo version, I will post a clear picture.  This is the before and a…

From reds to brown a new lens.

I am always in awe of the wonders of dyeing. This is the same bow tie from the other die in a deep brown, almost black. It turns out to be rather a deep reddish brown. I am also working on these socks, another brethren pair. The yarn is magnificent, but I had to change the way I was knitting with it so the colors will really shine through. I am doing a row from the top of the skein and a row from the bottom. This allows for a better pooling of the colors and makes me happier.
I am also testing my new toy, it is a 1.8 G Nikon lens. I got it at Mike's Camera, but let me tell you, not all employees are created equal. I guess I expect too much from some people, nothing like a happy employee to make your day great and maybe even motivate you to spend more money. I don't know if I will return to this place. Since I am just a $ sign, I will take my $ somewhere else, yep just like Imagiknit here in the city. Imagiknit is a local yarn store with the most yarn in the world…

Bow tie completed

This is the Bow tie on top of some lace.  I have to say that I would make this bow tie again.  I  did not know how much I was going to like this pattern until I finished it. This pattern is very tricky , it has double knitting  in an unexpected way.   The pattern is  a bit confusing until you understand what it is trying to do.  It has decreases and increases, you make two sides and graft them.  The pattern calls for 40 stitches and there was no way I was making it 40, I did a test drive and it looked like a propeller, I went down to 30 and US 2.  Next time I make this pattern I will go to US 1 and 30 stitches.  If you are interested in making this pattern, I will say go with 100% wool, it will make a magnificent bow tie.  The blend that I am using, is an 80/20 superwash wool / nylon.  It is going to work ok, but is not the best choice for this pattern in my opinion.   If you want to get this pattern, go to Knit Picks and grab it.  I used 25 grams of yarn at about 92 yards of materia…

Beaded crochet border

Happy Friday everyone. I am working on a wedding veil, which is my gift to the bride. I finally blocked it few days ago and I love the design, but the border looks sloppy. This pattern was to be made in wool, but I wanted silk. This is for a wedding in the Caribbean, so silk and lace work perfect. I am crocheting the border and while doing this centering the beads with the crochet. I am also adding a bead to the center of the point. I also forgot that the border was grafted a little, so you will see the grafting unless I devise an applique that I will crochet and make four or eight, very lightly crochet flowers to be sewn into the veil. Anyway I am still working on the crochet border it is not hard, but it takes time. Thanks for stopping by!

A study in Estonian Lace

I have always been impressed by lace.  Lately I have been studying Nancy Bush 'Knitter Lace of Estonia Techniques, Patterns and Traditions' . In the reading of this book, the traditions , the construction, the techniques and Nancy's perspective, you get an idea of what it really is.  This book is a great investments for those who have a little understanding of Lace and want to venture into this world. I am creating a new pattern in lace, it is a beginner's style Lace Pattern that incorporates some interesting techniques.  I have been testing different techniques of casting on and binding off.  Some of them make sense to me, some of them I find intriguing, but with no real use.  In the end it is your creation, from the way you slip your stitches, to the way you make a Nupp. A "nupp" is a small "bobble" made out of one stitch and in my opinion can be made in many ways. It's an Estonian knitting technique used in creating knitted lace. The patte…

Odinn by Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir

I have always wanted to make this kind of sweater.  A Lopapeysa, but the weather in San Francisco is never that cold.  I have made this sweater using Encore, which is a blend 80 Acrylic/ 20 Wool and it is really good. 

I started this project June 22 and finished it July 4th.  This pattern is a very quick knit as it is made with a chunky yarn.  I was very glad to finish it and get my  photographer , Michael Heylin, to help me with the photo op. I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you get motivated to make one of this babies.  It is easier than you think, but you have to mind your color-work tension and gauge. Thanks for stopping by!

Odinn has a tubular hem

Odinn has a tubular hem.  I have never done anything like this, I have done some tubular cast on and bind off, but never understood the idea until now.  This sweater is a great opportunity to make this technique second nature. I left that needle in place as a lifeline until I was done with the tubular bind off.  I wanted to be sure I did not have to rip it off lol.
The tubular bind off is a modified kitchener grafting of a 1 x 1 ribbing.  Your Purl stitches on one needle and your Knit stitches on another.  Thanks for Techknitting.comfor the quick explanation of the technique. I was talking about you the other day and I had a reason to visit you today.  What a great blog to visit and read so much good help.

 The edge of this sweater looks very nice.  I know that I will have to have a lot more practice than just one sweater.  I am now confident I can do a toe - up sock without the fear of what the bind off will look like.  I like this tubular bind - off a lot.  It is definitely very st…