Beaded crochet border

evenstar border

Happy Friday everyone. I am working on a wedding veil, which is my gift to the bride. I finally blocked it few days ago and I love the design, but the border looks sloppy. This pattern was to be made in wool, but I wanted silk. This is for a wedding in the Caribbean, so silk and lace work perfect. I am crocheting the border and while doing this centering the beads with the crochet. I am also adding a bead to the center of the point. I also forgot that the border was grafted a little, so you will see the grafting unless I devise an applique that I will crochet and make four or eight, very lightly crochet flowers to be sewn into the veil. Anyway I am still working on the crochet border it is not hard, but it takes time. Thanks for stopping by!

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