Sunday, July 07, 2013

A study in Estonian Lace

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I have always been impressed by lace.  Lately I have been studying Nancy Bush 'Knitter Lace of Estonia Techniques, Patterns and Traditions' . In the reading of this book, the traditions , the construction, the techniques and Nancy's perspective, you get an idea of what it really is.  This book is a great investments for those who have a little understanding of Lace and want to venture into this world.
I am creating a new pattern in lace, it is a beginner's style Lace Pattern that incorporates some interesting techniques.  I have been testing different techniques of casting on and binding off.  Some of them make sense to me, some of them I find intriguing, but with no real use.  In the end it is your creation, from the way you slip your stitches, to the way you make a Nupp. A "nupp" is a small "bobble" made out of one stitch and in my opinion can be made in many ways. It's an Estonian knitting technique used in creating knitted lace. The pattern went through many shifts and changes, there were two swatches and I changed needle sizes twice.  I am actually using a yarn that I dislike, but that I find it's fiber content acceptable.  In the end I may overdye the resulting garment in a brownish hue, it will cover the colorway.
A great investment for me has been the 'Intwined Studio' , a software that helps me chart and test my theories for a pattern in knitting and sometimes it helps me chart color work for crochet.  Anyway, it is Sunday and as promised to myself, I am blogging more often to let you know what I am up to. 
There is a Crochet shawl/scarf that I will be publishing with malabrigo as they were kind enough to gift me the yarn, even a hat if I can come around to it.  For some reason this Summer has been a very busy mentally and physically for me.  Lots of information, lots of new endeavors and lots of chanting for world peace.  Thanks for visiting my blog and for stopping by!

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