Bow tie completed

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This is the Bow tie on top of some lace.  I have to say that I would make this bow tie again.  I  did not know how much I was going to like this pattern until I finished it. This pattern is very tricky , it has double knitting  in an unexpected way.   The pattern is  a bit confusing until you understand what it is trying to do.  It has decreases and increases, you make two sides and graft them.  The pattern calls for 40 stitches and there was no way I was making it 40, I did a test drive and it looked like a propeller, I went down to 30 and US 2.  Next time I make this pattern I will go to US 1 and 30 stitches.  If you are interested in making this pattern, I will say go with 100% wool, it will make a magnificent bow tie.  The blend that I am using, is an 80/20 superwash wool / nylon.  It is going to work ok, but is not the best choice for this pattern in my opinion.   If you want to get this pattern, go to Knit Picks and grab it.  I used 25 grams of yarn at about 92 yards of material , fingering weight. Thanks for stopping by!
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