Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From reds to brown a new lens.

I am always in awe of the wonders of dyeing. This is the same bow tie from the other die in a deep brown, almost black. It turns out to be rather a deep reddish brown. PhotographyJul2013 new lens (37)
I am also working on these socks, another brethren pair. The yarn is magnificent, but I had to change the way I was knitting with it so the colors will really shine through. I am doing a row from the top of the skein and a row from the bottom. This allows for a better pooling of the colors and makes me happier.
PhotographyJul2013 new lens (26)
I am also testing my new toy, it is a 1.8 G Nikon lens. I got it at Mike's Camera, but let me tell you, not all employees are created equal. I guess I expect too much from some people, nothing like a happy employee to make your day great and maybe even motivate you to spend more money. I don't know if I will return to this place. Since I am just a $ sign, I will take my $ somewhere else, yep just like Imagiknit here in the city. Imagiknit is a local yarn store with the most yarn in the world, sometimes lacking the personal friendly touch. I use to buy a lot of yarn from them, not anymore.
PhotographyJul2013 new lens (33)
I like it when I help my friend Kyle Kunnecke at , I learn so much just from helping him. He is a very kind person and I enjoy working with him. We did a photo shoot last Saturday in the late afternoon, with this beautiful woman model. You have to be careful about the models you choose, if they are not lever you won't be able to showcase your product right. This lady had a gorgeous face and the garment that we were trying to showcase had a challenge to compete wither beauty. One thing was for sure, whatever she was selling, I wanted to buy. Kyle gifted me some roving which I will show on another posting and took me to dinner. He is a swell guy, he did not have to do that, I enjoy helping him out.
PhotographyJul2013 new lens (27)
From my dealings with Kyle I learn about photography and how he chooses the place and pictures, the equipment and lights. I am not sure that I will have all those extra necessary items to take my pictures, but it is fun to have the toys. I believe I am more of a DIY guy and rather than DIY guy is using what you have to take a good picture without having to spend more money, but that is a laugh. I just got a new lens for my camera and it is definitely specifically for close ups more than far. I will play around with it, as this is the only way to learn how to work this lenses. The picture above and below are the same pictures, yet the focus is centimeters apart.  The upper picture has the glass goblet in focus and the lower picture has a silver wishbone not very far behind from it,  It shows the power of the lens and the versatility that I was looking for.  This may be my travel lens, meaning when I go on a trip  Thanks for stopping by!
PhotographyJul2013 new lens (3)

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