Friday, February 29, 2008

Corn Yarn WIP

One of the things that I have noticed with the new fibers out there, is that they have made ribbon yarns with them. It seems that bamboo and corn behave better when they are in some kind of ribbon yarn. This yarn I will have to look in my Ravelry Account to tell you which brand it is. It is Kollage Cornucopia. It is very elastic and kind of stringy, the feel is nice to the touch. So anywho, I will keep you up to date in my adventures of the Corn Kind. By the way this is going to be a skull cap in Crochet, using a bone hook size G. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 08 PotHolders

Even on Vacation there space for potholders, there will be an updated version of the potholder on the left. Is it an Apple, a Tomato or is it a Pomegranate? Such a versatile Potholder, lol!, but I have never been able to make this potholder in a way that looks close to it's intended shape. I think the Pattern is confusing. It looks like a walking tomato with a beach towel! lol! Well, more later on on the Tomatoe, I will be adding eyes and a smillng mouth so that the legs look better and more in place. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

On my way to Bajor 08

Personal Log Stardate 02.16.2008:

I am on my way to Bajor for a most needed vacation. Working on Deep Space 9 is definitely a nice job,but once in a while you need to let go and swim with the Tepia. I had to take a Transport to The main Bajoran City and then a small local transport to the Guaynab Province. This is a picture from the top of the Tower of The Prophets, beautiful View isn't it?

In the meantime the war with the Dominion has ended and lots of traffic has been reported on the Bajoran Sector due to our neutrality with the Former Dominion Empire. I was lad to see the war end, but I do miss Constable Odo. There are times when I miss a lot of my friends from the old times as well. Well I pray to the prophets that we get nice weather while I am in Guaynab. I am hoping to sample the local cuisine and some of y old favorite eating establishments.

I will go and visit the old city and search for the old shoemaker, Ro Maran. This guy makes the best shoes in the province, handmade, but computer calibrated, go figure. You know sometimes we get to spend too much time being black and white and not enjoying the shades of grey that real life has to offer.

My sister, may the prophets bless her, and may her pah be always strong, she has a young daughter that she wants total control off, then she wants her to have her life. You either let go or you don't. Is like Sisko explained to us the other day. I told my sister that the Emissary compares life to a Baseball Game. She seems to want to control the game, and it just does not work, sometimes you strike out, sometimes is a hut and sometimes is a homerun. Nothing bad, nothing good, just play the game. You want to control the game of life and that is impossible, only the prophets exist in the present,thepast and the future at the same time. Ihope I can bring some balance to her life with my visit. May the prophets be with us.

Computer end personal log, encryption Ydan 429462 Gamma End Personal Log Entry

5 Hour Baby Sweater FO

This is the 5 Hour Baby Sweater and all I can tell you is that it took me 10 hours lol! It is such an easy sweater and once you know what yo are doing you can easily make it in 5 hours. I want to congratulate the Designers for such a GREAT pattern. This pattern is simple, fast , but at the same time is beautiful. You can find the Pattern HERE. The designers are Jennifer Cox, Beth Koskie and Beverly A. Qualheim .
If you want to get the feel of what making a sweater would be like. This is the pattern for you. It is easily modify and if you go with bigger needles you can have a bigger size. This is made in Acrylic from the Scott Stash, it took one skein to make. I will be blocking it in a bit . I started with size 10 US 6mm long plastic needles and they broke , what an adventure. I switched to size 5.5 mm , US 9. This is the first time that I have made a project knitting the right way from the front, but ... Believe me when I say there is no such thing as kniting the right way. Nobody can really tell you that your way of knitting is wrong, so to the Knitting Inquisition I say BACK OFF! lol! So What do you know, I was able to use my knitting from the back because this pattern calls for that stitch!!! I learned a lot about myself and it gave me a great experience. I bound off loosely using the back loop stich, I liked the outcome! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 Hour baby Sweater Cast On

Benjamin needs some new clothes and some other babies will benefit from it. I have casted on the 5 Hour Baby Sweater Pattern which by clicking on those words you will find it. I want to see if I can make it maybe in 5 hours the second time lol! This is my project on the needles right now. I will let crochet rest for a bit. Thanks for stopping by and here is my Valentine's Day sugar-free Chocolate cake, Red Velvet Cake have a slice!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Green Baby Set Finished, More WIP

After a lot of fun making this baby set, it is time to rest for a few days and search for some yarn to make something else. I have the yarn: 3 skeins of corn, some cotton and 3 new skeins of bamboo to make some nifty hats. Some hats will be crochet, some will be knit, I will keep you up to date on the progress.The works in progress won't be shown until I get myself organized and have and idea of which hats to make. One thing is for sure I am very excited about this new projrcts. Before I forget I am going to embark in the knitting of some baby sweaters, wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby Set Afghan Border WIP 90%

So here it is. The border of the afghan to be that is. This afghan will definitely need to be blocked, but will be finished by tomorrow. I am not going to put a ribbon on it, but will leave the ribbon row open for any kind of ribbon if desired or not. There are more pictures tu come and or maybe a video with a wonderful Valentine's Chocolate cake for our visual delight, homemade. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Green Baby Set Afghan WIP 80%

So the Afghan from the Baby set is still a work in progress. Wouldn't you know that as I am working on the final section of the afghan's body I can see a slight change in color in the middle. lol! The dye lots are different and it is so slightly different that you don't know if the light is playing tricks on you. I did not know because this was a gift from my friend Scott who passed away and his father was kind enough to send me all Scott's yarn, some had no labels and this one was one of those. Nevertheless the dark dye lot is on the sides and the light dye lot in the middle, giving you the impression that it was done by design. The edge will be the thing that brings it together as you shall see. I love making baby sets, because it is a whole assemble. Sunday I am hoping to get a ribbon to finish this afghan for a gift. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Baby Set WIP 75% Done

Here I am sharing some of the pictures from my Baby Set and my Baby Model. This is Benjamin aka Tito, he is an anatomically correct baby boy that I use for making baby sets. This Set is from My First Baby Layette , Leisure Arts Pamphlet, but I made some adjustments. Well I did not like some of the color and material selections and some of the stitches selections, It is a bit of a redesigning ,so I modified a bit lol!

This hat is not at all like the one in the set, it allows for the baby to grow and still use the same hat.
The booties have some extra stitches just to accomodate the color changes easier in a more unconspicuous way. The afghan fromn this set is on the works and will be finished maybe next week as I am wrapping up projects. I hope you like the baby Set. Thanks for stopping by!

Honorable Griffindor Scarf

Here you have the Honorable Gryffindor House scarf. I am very proud of my work. This sarf took a very long time in the making, just because of personal reasons don't ask and I won't tell. lol! It is a hand made item and the experience has been wonderful, not as good as the oter ones, but nevertheless a very nice experience. I think that everytime that you finish a project you come out with lots of experience. I will be making a Gryffindor Hat and or a headband maybe during the San Francisco Summer which is like winter lol! It is very soft. The Yarn is Andean Silk for the "Mustard" = Gold color and Wool of the Andes for the "Holly" = Burgundy from the greatest yarn for a great price .Thanks for stopping by!

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