Saturday, February 16, 2008

On my way to Bajor 08

Personal Log Stardate 02.16.2008:

I am on my way to Bajor for a most needed vacation. Working on Deep Space 9 is definitely a nice job,but once in a while you need to let go and swim with the Tepia. I had to take a Transport to The main Bajoran City and then a small local transport to the Guaynab Province. This is a picture from the top of the Tower of The Prophets, beautiful View isn't it?

In the meantime the war with the Dominion has ended and lots of traffic has been reported on the Bajoran Sector due to our neutrality with the Former Dominion Empire. I was lad to see the war end, but I do miss Constable Odo. There are times when I miss a lot of my friends from the old times as well. Well I pray to the prophets that we get nice weather while I am in Guaynab. I am hoping to sample the local cuisine and some of y old favorite eating establishments.

I will go and visit the old city and search for the old shoemaker, Ro Maran. This guy makes the best shoes in the province, handmade, but computer calibrated, go figure. You know sometimes we get to spend too much time being black and white and not enjoying the shades of grey that real life has to offer.

My sister, may the prophets bless her, and may her pah be always strong, she has a young daughter that she wants total control off, then she wants her to have her life. You either let go or you don't. Is like Sisko explained to us the other day. I told my sister that the Emissary compares life to a Baseball Game. She seems to want to control the game, and it just does not work, sometimes you strike out, sometimes is a hut and sometimes is a homerun. Nothing bad, nothing good, just play the game. You want to control the game of life and that is impossible, only the prophets exist in the present,thepast and the future at the same time. Ihope I can bring some balance to her life with my visit. May the prophets be with us.

Computer end personal log, encryption Ydan 429462 Gamma End Personal Log Entry


Deneen said...

Have a wonderful time-send me some sunshine (and bring me some handmade sandals-size 7-LOL)

Anonymous said...

Peldar joi,Ydan!

Anonymous said...

You're a regular Kaffe Fassett! :-) Live long and prosper!

Crafty Andy said...

I am flatter for the comparison, thanks

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