Saturday, February 16, 2008

5 Hour Baby Sweater FO

This is the 5 Hour Baby Sweater and all I can tell you is that it took me 10 hours lol! It is such an easy sweater and once you know what yo are doing you can easily make it in 5 hours. I want to congratulate the Designers for such a GREAT pattern. This pattern is simple, fast , but at the same time is beautiful. You can find the Pattern HERE. The designers are Jennifer Cox, Beth Koskie and Beverly A. Qualheim .
If you want to get the feel of what making a sweater would be like. This is the pattern for you. It is easily modify and if you go with bigger needles you can have a bigger size. This is made in Acrylic from the Scott Stash, it took one skein to make. I will be blocking it in a bit . I started with size 10 US 6mm long plastic needles and they broke , what an adventure. I switched to size 5.5 mm , US 9. This is the first time that I have made a project knitting the right way from the front, but ... Believe me when I say there is no such thing as kniting the right way. Nobody can really tell you that your way of knitting is wrong, so to the Knitting Inquisition I say BACK OFF! lol! So What do you know, I was able to use my knitting from the back because this pattern calls for that stitch!!! I learned a lot about myself and it gave me a great experience. I bound off loosely using the back loop stich, I liked the outcome! Thanks for stopping by!


Pilar said...

Es un patrĂ³n muy interesante, y el color es precioso. Enhorabuena :)

Crafty Andy said...

Gracias Pilar!!

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