Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 08 PotHolders

Even on Vacation there space for potholders, there will be an updated version of the potholder on the left. Is it an Apple, a Tomato or is it a Pomegranate? Such a versatile Potholder, lol!, but I have never been able to make this potholder in a way that looks close to it's intended shape. I think the Pattern is confusing. It looks like a walking tomato with a beach towel! lol! Well, more later on on the Tomatoe, I will be adding eyes and a smillng mouth so that the legs look better and more in place. Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said...

I;m really glad you gave the tomato a beach towel (lol)
Hope you're having a great time !

Andy's Crafts said...

You are so funny, I did not make that connection lol!

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