Saturday, February 02, 2008

Baby Set WIP 75% Done

Here I am sharing some of the pictures from my Baby Set and my Baby Model. This is Benjamin aka Tito, he is an anatomically correct baby boy that I use for making baby sets. This Set is from My First Baby Layette , Leisure Arts Pamphlet, but I made some adjustments. Well I did not like some of the color and material selections and some of the stitches selections, It is a bit of a redesigning ,so I modified a bit lol!

This hat is not at all like the one in the set, it allows for the baby to grow and still use the same hat.
The booties have some extra stitches just to accomodate the color changes easier in a more unconspicuous way. The afghan fromn this set is on the works and will be finished maybe next week as I am wrapping up projects. I hope you like the baby Set. Thanks for stopping by!


Krystal said...

I love this set! So adorable. And also nice job on the scarf... I'd never be able to make one because I can't stand that much of the same stitches over and over... :)

naomi said...

It looks really, really cute Andy. What a lucky little baby !

Crafty Andy said...

WHen something like repetitive works is involved , I always use some prayer, that way I am multitasking.

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm Marina, I'm from Italy, and I'm looking for men who crochet or knit. I will write about this in my blog, because in Italy there aren't many men who make these works.
I think that every work is an human work, and can be done either from men or from women. I hope that my english would be good.

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