Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Brethren and more Tech Talk

Here is my latest project.  These socks are The Brethren Sock from Millard Fontenot.   My aim is to make one in each color, I do have my own sock pattern in the burner, but  I am in no hurry to test and or publish.  I have to have the time to design it in my head and paper.

Kobolian Ambrosia Socks (21)
Talking about design.  I truly don't understand why some software companies make false  or rather misleading statements in this day and age.   Roxio for the longest of time has been a great company, but this time they lost the ball with their BackOnTrack software.  The Creator Suites are fantastic Suites, but the BackOnTrack software only backs up your data in your documents.  In their comparison page they state that Creator  NXT Pro 2  backs up your  your operating system, data  and applications.  As of today March 10, 2014, it does only back up your data.  When you try to configure the back up in either one click or advanced modes, it displays the whole computer as being backed up, but believe me it does not.  Then when you come to the restore tab, it tells you that you can only restore "My Data".  My Data means your documents, pictures, videos and such.  It does a great job of backing up these files, but so does Windows File History.  If you are interested in a good Suite for burning CDs, copies and such.  This program at the Non Pro version is fantastic, but otherwise it is  not necessary to spend the extra money on the Pro 2, unless you want any of the software besides the BackOnTrack.  So in my opinion itis a great software, just don't believe it when it says it will back up your operating system and programs, because it does not.  Thanks for stopping by!

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