Spring 2014 Knitting and Tech

I believe once daffodils are out, spring is officially starting.  In California we have been experiencing a drought of kinds.  It is scary and nevertheless the way nature is.  I think this year may be different and we may get some other kind of water pattern.
Daffodils 2014 (3)
 I have a picture of my Tulips, yep the ones I plant every year.  I am very excited about the fact that I am able to do this.

Riker and Worf
Now for the tech part. I have a DELL XPS 8500 , and I upgraded the Dell Backup and Recovery Software at a cost of about $40.00. I will tell you that is you are looking for a software that is automated, do not get this software. Dell has failed to update it's software to work efficiently with Windows 8.1. On the long Run I decided to invest in another backup program, but nevertheless, Windows Image backup still works and File History is a good option. Right now I am trying BackonTrack by Roxio and it seems to work.

Also under Tech comes the fact that my Bluetooth  hardware had to be disabled, because Dell has not provided a good Windows 8.1 Driver.  I am very disappointed in Dell.   After upgrading or updating my computer to Windows 8.1, it took forever to restart or shut down( about 2 minutes) .  It has been my experience that computers have this kind of shutdown or restart problem when either a video or network card hardware or driver has problems.  Dell get your act together! 
These are one pair of socks that will be done today.  I have started another pair of socks, but since I am reviewing the needles, it will be another post. Thanks for stopping by!

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