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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Stockings 2013

Xmas stockings 2013 second look 
This has been a crazy year indeed.  I have made some new Christmas Stocking to go with the remodeling of the flat.  There are great news on Crafty Andy Designs.  I am hoping to have some new Crochet designs using some new techniques that I will be learning soon.  There will be color of course and texture.  I have some knit patterns on the board as well.  

These Stockings where made with  Hayfield Chunky with Wool yarn.  it is an 80% acrylic, 20% wool, chunky yarn.  I actually like this yarn a lot and may be making some kind of Cowl design with it in the next few days.  It knits fast and it probably crochets faster.   The pattern is called "Falling Snow Stocking" ,it is a free pattern from Ravelry and if you click on the name you will be redirected to  it. I altered the pattern on the instep a bit and on the green stocking at the toe, just to make them uniquely mine. If you can modify the yarn size and needles you may well make a pair for yourself.  I hope your holidays are shaping up as well as mine and that you count your blessings.  I send all of you a prayer of peace, good health and abundance.  Will be back soon, thanks for stopping by!