Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Felting and more

Tablet felted bag
My life is almost back to normal after months of craziness.  At any rate, felting is not really a very predictable craft.  Well for starters not all colors felt the same way, some times some yarns, even though they are wool, they just don't want to felt.  I always found alpaca to felt very easy, but lamb's wool is a different story specially if it has color or if it has been bleached.  This bag took a lot of coercion to felt and even after a lot of agitation, it kind of felt about 85 to 90 percent.  I did learn something very nice about felting seed stitch using two colors, one color every two rows, It looks fantastic.  I will be spinning some time this week.  My friend Naomi was very kind and send me some of her extra stasthed fiber that she thought I could turn into yarn.  I am also due to make two hats for a friend.  He wants them in acrylic and I just got the yarn the other day, because I had to get rid of the yarn he gave me before.  This yarn even though is acrylic as well, is a bit softer.  Anyway , hope you are having a great week , thanks for stopping by!

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