Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Capello DI Lana Version 2

I feel famous now, because I have seen pattern errata pages on a lot of famous Artists' blogs and now I am one of them. I have a pattern Errata page woohoo!!!!  The revised pattern has the corrected version.  This was one of my first patterns and I did not get many people to test it.  I may have asked a friend or two to test them, but I don't remember.  This pattern is in need of a more modern look with better pictures and more color.  As a learning experience, it is a fantastic opportunity to feel human once more and to know that it is ok to have a misprint, not a big deal.  I am hoping that in the near future I can recreate this hat with a fingering weight sock yarn and have an updated version 3.  The new Version will be Version Number 3 with more color.  People say, the third time is the charm and so it shall be.  Thanks for your patronage and for stopping by!

 Capello Di Lana

 Thanks to R. Buffalo for his keen eye.
 There is a misprint on Row 4. The corrected Instruction is below:

Row 4 With A Ch1 FPdc in same st as ch 1, with B FPdc in next st ,with B 2 FPdc in next st,               * with   A FPdc in next st, with B FPdc in next st, and 2 FPdc in next st, repeat from * until end, slip st to beginning st by closing the last FPdc with A. (32 sts)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Survival Pod 2013

A heavy Raider came today with a Survival Pod package. It came at the right time as I was starving to death and had to open the package and eat, then package the things that needed to be packaged .  Thanks you MissAudrey
Survival Pod 2013 (1)
It was full of beautiful things and great chocolate, there was Mint Tea and more chocolate.  There was a great hat for the fall.
Survival Pod 2013 (4)
It came at the right time, the Marshmallow chocolate combo actually saved my life. I was famished.
Survival Pod 2013 (8)
I left some for later to share with Helo, you never know when you are going to be hungry in the middle of a survival midnight run with Helo.

Survival Pod 2013 (9)

Thanks kesten for making this possible. The Lords of Kobol will repay you in kind some day soon! It is all safe now, the yarn and the hat are safely packed away.  Thanks for stopping by!

I am still around October 2013

I know I have not been around lately.  Crafty Andy is alive and well, going through some challenging times after our remodeling.  We have such a beautiful new home and I will share it with you as soon as we have dealt with a pesky problem we encountered as we were remodeling.  In the meantime I will be able to keep on designing , which involves mental energy and not really yarn.  So here is a picture of me today.  I am still unable to craft as I want to, but things are getting better and I am getting smarter about how to craft with the challenges I have.  Have a wonderful weekend and look for me in a Halloween Costume, it will happened as it has been laundered and safely put away.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A wedding after all ,Congratulations

I am so proud to have assisted to my second Buddhist wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the couple is stunning with happiness and hopes and dreams. Today I will talk about them as I am not going to bore you with mine just yet, lol Wilmarie And Joan Wedding 09222013 (2)
The Veil was my gift to the bride, it was hand made in silk. It took me about 6 months to make and it has about 3000 glass beads.She actually looked like a Mermaid that came out of the Ocean to greet us mortals.
Wilmarie And Joan Wedding 09222013 (38)
This shorter veil was lent to her and it was what she was using after the ceremony. The cake was delicious, I forgot how expensive wedding cakes can be, is not $14.99. It was a morning wedding, kind of great for a brunch with mimosas and a good hearty breakfast. It was lighter and more care free for the Wife, no longer a bride. Here you can see how it looked from behind.
 Joan and Wilmarie Wedding 09222013 (37a)
I was so excited to be part of the wedding and very proud of this beautiful couple. I was in charge of ironing the train for the bride and the Wedding Planner was amazing, he did everything behind the scenes and it looked like magic.
 Joan And Wilmarie Wedding 09222013 (34a)
 My mother and I, I love my mother as she is my mother, but this being can test the sainthood of any saint.  I can't complain, she behaved at the wedding, like a good child.  Anyway I will come back later this week or next and share some more of my life. Notice a bow tie?  Yep I went and bought a bow tie and was able to tie all by myself, lol.  It was fun with tears and all. Thanks for stopping by!
 Wilmarie And Joan Wedding 09222013 (26)

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