Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A wedding after all ,Congratulations

I am so proud to have assisted to my second Buddhist wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the couple is stunning with happiness and hopes and dreams. Today I will talk about them as I am not going to bore you with mine just yet, lol Wilmarie And Joan Wedding 09222013 (2)
The Veil was my gift to the bride, it was hand made in silk. It took me about 6 months to make and it has about 3000 glass beads.She actually looked like a Mermaid that came out of the Ocean to greet us mortals.
Wilmarie And Joan Wedding 09222013 (38)
This shorter veil was lent to her and it was what she was using after the ceremony. The cake was delicious, I forgot how expensive wedding cakes can be, is not $14.99. It was a morning wedding, kind of great for a brunch with mimosas and a good hearty breakfast. It was lighter and more care free for the Wife, no longer a bride. Here you can see how it looked from behind.
 Joan and Wilmarie Wedding 09222013 (37a)
I was so excited to be part of the wedding and very proud of this beautiful couple. I was in charge of ironing the train for the bride and the Wedding Planner was amazing, he did everything behind the scenes and it looked like magic.
 Joan And Wilmarie Wedding 09222013 (34a)
 My mother and I, I love my mother as she is my mother, but this being can test the sainthood of any saint.  I can't complain, she behaved at the wedding, like a good child.  Anyway I will come back later this week or next and share some more of my life. Notice a bow tie?  Yep I went and bought a bow tie and was able to tie all by myself, lol.  It was fun with tears and all. Thanks for stopping by!
 Wilmarie And Joan Wedding 09222013 (26)

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