Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Capello DI Lana Version 2

I feel famous now, because I have seen pattern errata pages on a lot of famous Artists' blogs and now I am one of them. I have a pattern Errata page woohoo!!!!  The revised pattern has the corrected version.  This was one of my first patterns and I did not get many people to test it.  I may have asked a friend or two to test them, but I don't remember.  This pattern is in need of a more modern look with better pictures and more color.  As a learning experience, it is a fantastic opportunity to feel human once more and to know that it is ok to have a misprint, not a big deal.  I am hoping that in the near future I can recreate this hat with a fingering weight sock yarn and have an updated version 3.  The new Version will be Version Number 3 with more color.  People say, the third time is the charm and so it shall be.  Thanks for your patronage and for stopping by!

 Capello Di Lana

 Thanks to R. Buffalo for his keen eye.
 There is a misprint on Row 4. The corrected Instruction is below:

Row 4 With A Ch1 FPdc in same st as ch 1, with B FPdc in next st ,with B 2 FPdc in next st,               * with   A FPdc in next st, with B FPdc in next st, and 2 FPdc in next st, repeat from * until end, slip st to beginning st by closing the last FPdc with A. (32 sts)

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