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Friday, October 25, 2013

Survival Pod 2013

A heavy Raider came today with a Survival Pod package. It came at the right time as I was starving to death and had to open the package and eat, then package the things that needed to be packaged .  Thanks you MissAudrey
Survival Pod 2013 (1)
It was full of beautiful things and great chocolate, there was Mint Tea and more chocolate.  There was a great hat for the fall.
Survival Pod 2013 (4)
It came at the right time, the Marshmallow chocolate combo actually saved my life. I was famished.
Survival Pod 2013 (8)
I left some for later to share with Helo, you never know when you are going to be hungry in the middle of a survival midnight run with Helo.

Survival Pod 2013 (9)

Thanks kesten for making this possible. The Lords of Kobol will repay you in kind some day soon! It is all safe now, the yarn and the hat are safely packed away.  Thanks for stopping by!