Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The more I spin the more I spin

230grms3 ply222 yds
 I have been busy spinning my way to fun. There more I spin the more I realize how much more I need to spin to gather more experience. This is some of my spinning fun.  Most of it it's unknown fiber gifted to me friends.

These two in the white where lots of fun to spin and so was the dark.  Spinning should never be done in a hurry for me, it becomes sloppy and not the best quality.  I love my fiber, most of it anyway lol. 

 148yads100grms2ply (2)
This tweedy 2 ply was an interesting fiber. I thought it would be more of a lace weight and it is in parts. Is an uneven yarn, but so is Lamb's Pride, right?

 222yds85gms 2plytweedy fun
This was a lot more fun to make and is a lot more even.

 My favorite blends to spin are blends with silk, it makes it a lot easier to draft and spin.  I got some "pin drafted" cotswold from Stitches West that was a nightmare.  It was a bit matted and if I saw it today, I would have not bought it.  Unspun fiber is not matted and pencil roving is not matted.  Felted roving that is a different story.  I haqve more spinning coming and some more sock knitting.  Hold on and get ready for another fun pair of socks, hopefully by the end of the week, maybe even a picture of one, if I get the timing right.  Thanbks for stopping by!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Superwash Wool Baby Set

I liked the pattern that I got , is the Almost Instant Baby Cardigan.  It calls for Malabrigo Rasta, I decided to follow the LYS Owner suggestion and go with Superwash wool. I did not like the way the cardigan looks after I blocked it.  The picture above is unblocked.  Once this cardigan was wet, it kind of got very crazy, is all I can say.  No problems because I have yarn left and I will be crocheting an edge and border around the neck .  It needs it, it looks too sleazy, well you know loose.  A crochet border will make this cardigan have a bit more form and will make it a bit more sturdy.  I will also make a crochet border on the sleeves.  The Cable Cast on , looks fantastic, I am not messing around with that lol.

I wonder what will happen if I make it in cotton?  Definitely a crochet edge to hide the ends.  One thing I did was to get the rest of the yarn wet like the project.  Why?  Because it will have the same texture as the already blocked yarn.  This particular Superwash bulky yarn, from Cascade, when it is wet, looses it's form.  Not really criticizing it, just stating a fact.  I hope you have a great weekend and I will have more to post later during the weekend and is not fiber related..  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Medici Hat by Woolly Wormhead

One of my first designers to test my hat making abilities was Woolly Wormhead.  This designer without a doubt had the best hats in the world.  The were made on the flat and then kitchener together. I got myself into plenty of trouble, but I learned a lot about making hats.
MediciHat (13)
Here are different views with my cool Kilt socks on of the Medici hat.

MediciHat (4)
The link will direct you to the purchase option, it is a fun hat to be made.  I went with dk weight yarn, double strands and it took 95 grams or two skeins.  I opted to go a needle size down and made the smaller size hat.  It has a beautiful cable cast on , and lovely twisted stitches. Thanks for stopping by!
 MediciHat (2)

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fourth Grade Entrelac Hat Pattern

 I did not find this pattern to be as intuitive as I may have needed it to be, but in the long run it is a good pattern.  This is an Abby Franquemont free pattern and if I practice more on it I think I will get it better.  I did find it very intriguing and more or less easy to understand.  I don't think there is anything wrong with the pattern, but my lack of understanding of entrelac.  I liked the hat inside out as much as the right side.
 Entrelac Cap (17)

The ends have been weaved as much as I like them to be. This pattern has a lot of potentia as a hat for me. It is a hipster hat indeed.I did get to use a lot of remnants and some of my handspun as well.
 Entrelac Cap (11)
Another view, I call this the painter / artist beret.
 Entrelac Cap (7)
For those golf moments on Djerba  Moon, I liked the fact that it is a very utilitarian cap. Entrelac Cap (5)
 An the slouchy style.  Thanks for stopping by!
 Entrelac Cap (3)

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