Fourth Grade Entrelac Hat Pattern

 I did not find this pattern to be as intuitive as I may have needed it to be, but in the long run it is a good pattern.  This is an Abby Franquemont free pattern and if I practice more on it I think I will get it better.  I did find it very intriguing and more or less easy to understand.  I don't think there is anything wrong with the pattern, but my lack of understanding of entrelac.  I liked the hat inside out as much as the right side.
 Entrelac Cap (17)

The ends have been weaved as much as I like them to be. This pattern has a lot of potentia as a hat for me. It is a hipster hat indeed.I did get to use a lot of remnants and some of my handspun as well.
 Entrelac Cap (11)
Another view, I call this the painter / artist beret.
 Entrelac Cap (7)
For those golf moments on Djerba  Moon, I liked the fact that it is a very utilitarian cap. Entrelac Cap (5)
 An the slouchy style.  Thanks for stopping by!
 Entrelac Cap (3)

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