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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The more I spin the more I spin

230grms3 ply222 yds
 I have been busy spinning my way to fun. There more I spin the more I realize how much more I need to spin to gather more experience. This is some of my spinning fun.  Most of it it's unknown fiber gifted to me friends.

These two in the white where lots of fun to spin and so was the dark.  Spinning should never be done in a hurry for me, it becomes sloppy and not the best quality.  I love my fiber, most of it anyway lol. 

 148yads100grms2ply (2)
This tweedy 2 ply was an interesting fiber. I thought it would be more of a lace weight and it is in parts. Is an uneven yarn, but so is Lamb's Pride, right?

 222yds85gms 2plytweedy fun
This was a lot more fun to make and is a lot more even.

 My favorite blends to spin are blends with silk, it makes it a lot easier to draft and spin.  I got some "pin drafted" cotswold from Stitches West that was a nightmare.  It was a bit matted and if I saw it today, I would have not bought it.  Unspun fiber is not matted and pencil roving is not matted.  Felted roving that is a different story.  I haqve more spinning coming and some more sock knitting.  Hold on and get ready for another fun pair of socks, hopefully by the end of the week, maybe even a picture of one, if I get the timing right.  Thanbks for stopping by!